Thursday, October 2, 2014

Graze Healthy Snacks Subscription Box Review for September 2014 + 2 Free Boxes!

For those who are not healthy snackers by nature, a tasty and workable solution may be Graze, which sends a slim box containing four removable trays of portion controlled snacks. You have the option of indicating your preferences on their site. As you refine your preferences over time, your boxes will become more and more customized (sort of like Netflix). You can also decide how often you would like your Graze box delivered...either every week or every two weeks.  

The cost of a Graze box is $6.99, which is a slight increase over their initial $6.00 price. Graze is about to roll out a new "Big Box" which will contain five resealable "sharing" bags containing a total of 20 servings for $25. The Big Box is not available yet but you can put your name on a waiting list if you're interested.  

Graze boxes are made of recyclable cardboard and always have a colorful fruit picture inside the lid.  This particular box features pomegranate art.  

Graze uses a "Trash, Try, Like, Love" scale by which you can rate the snacks on their site.  You won't get any snacks that you "Trash".  This time I received one snack that I had marked as "Love", two I marked as "Like" and one that I marked as a "Try".  

The upper row from left to right contains "Barbecue Sub" and "Garden of England".  On the bottom row is "Brownie Flapjack" and "Walnut Vanilla Truffle".

  • Barbecue Sub - This is a BBQ relish with nine tomato breadsticks. This is a filling snack but not one of my favorites.
  • Garden of England - This dried fruit mix contains mini strawberries, apple pieces and black currants. Best of all, it has zero fat grams and only 70 calories. What's not to love?
  • Brownie Flapjacks - This is a repeat for me and a permanent "Love" on my preference list. These are tasty oat bars with tiny brownie pieces in them.
  • Walnut & Vanilla Truffle - An interesting mix of walnuts, fudge pieces, raisins and vanilla pumpkin seeds....a filling blend of sweet and savory flavors. 
If you'd like to try Graze, they have a great offer for new customers.  Click here and use code 29MRQJ1MP to get your first box for free.  If you remain as a subscriber, you will also get your fifth box for free.  

I've found it fairly easy to substitute healthy Graze snacks for those that aren't so good for you and I bet you will too!


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