Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GlobeIn Artisan Crafts Subscription Box Review, October 2014, First Box Just $5.00!

You might be familiar with the GlobeIn website where products from imperiled indigenous craftspeople in the most remote parts of the world are featured.  These products reflect their cultures, traditions and lifestyles.  GlobeIn has recently added a monthly subscription box that sends unique handmade items from various artisans and cultures each month. Along with the products, they send cards telling about the individual craftspeople who made the items in the box.

GlobeIn's artisan crafts box has four price plan options:

Monthly - $29.99 per month
Three Months - $79.99
Six Months - $159.99
Twelve Months - $309.99

When signing up, you are given the opportunity to choose the box theme you'd like: 

Explore the World With Deepak Chopra 
Awesome and Unexpected
Statement Jewelry
Global Home

You can also indicate if the items will be for her, for him or unisex.  There is also a place to provide them with notes or suggestions which might help them to customize your box.  

For my first box, I chose "Awesome and Unexpected".  My order arrived eight days after I placed it via USPS Priority Mail. The products were packaged in an orange branded cardboard box.

The site says you will receive up to three handcrafted items but I actually received four. My box contained two batik products and two shea butter products.

They also sent two cards with information about the craftswomen who made my items.  Both women are from Ghana.  It was really interesting to read about their business, the materials they use and especially their personal histories.

The first item is a hand batiked wine bag.  Batik is an ancient fabric art form where hot wax is painted or stamped onto fabric which is then dyed.  When the wax is removed, different colors or patterns are revealed.  This cotton bag has a drawstring top.  The attached card is hand signed by Fausty and Deborah, who made this bag.

The second batik item is a matching headband with an elastic back.  The attached card tells me this was made by Grace and Roseline.  I really like this headband but since I have a giant head, it's a bit too small.  So I will gift this to someone with a normal head size!

The next item is a container of Slippery Slope Shea Body Butter.  Shea butter moisturizes and restores your skin and is considered "liquid gold" in Ghana.  I like that this one is unscented so it can be layered with other scented products.

My favorite product in this box is the bar of Trunk Scrub Shea Soap in Rosemary Mint scent.  It has a nice slightly herbal minty smell.  Both of the shea butter products are made by a business in Ghana called "Global Mamas".

That's everything in my October Globein box. If you are interested in subscribing, use code FBFREE to get your first box for just $5.00.  (Basically, the box is're just paying for the shipping.) Oh, I forgot to can change the theme for your box as often as you'd like. That gives you an opportunity to try out all sorts of categories of products.  I think I'll try their home category next.

I love the concept behind this company and strongly encourage all of my readers to check out their website, whether or not you decide to subscribe to this box.  It would be a great place to do some Christmas shopping or pick up some very unique items for your own home!

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Disclosure:  This post contains no affiliate or referral links.  Products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

After reading your review and seeing the items you received in your box, I was wondering if you thought the items you received were worth the price point of this subscription. I ordered a box at the $5.00 special, and although I have yet to receive it (it's on it's way), I like to get good value for the money I spend. Do you feel your box was worth the $29.99?

Lone Star Shopper said...

Hi Patti:

I think it depends entirely on whether you can use the items personally or gift them. For me, the headband and wine bag are not practical (even as gifts) but the other two items are things I can use. For me, $29.99 would have been too much for this box. But you never know what they are going to send. If it's four items you can use, then it certainly would be worth the full price. The quality is there....the question is just relevance. Thanks for reading! Cheryl