Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beauty Box Five October 2014 Review + Code for FREE Box!

One of the most compact beauty subscription boxes is Beauty Box Five which has a very simple premise--they send you five products each month.  Their boxes usually include a couple of full size items and two or three luxury sample sizes.  You don't get extraneous printed items like an explanation card, coupons, leaflets, etc.   I recently re-subscribed to this box and my first review gives all the subscription details, if you're interested.

My October Beauty Box Five included two full size products, one tool and two luxury samples. As always, it arrived in a small branded bluegreen box.

The first item is a full sized bottle of Nanacoco nail polish in the shade "Surfer's Dream", which is an unusual dark aqua blue shade. (Retail $3.00)

Next is a "Extend Your Beauty" cosmetic tool which is a long wand with a spatula tip on one end. You can use this to get every last bit of product, even those in bottles with very narrow necks.  (A very similar product, the Lip Gloss Pick-Up Artist by Swoon, is listed on the Blog Sale page.)  This product, under the name Spatty, was featured on Shark Tank a while back. This one is 6" long. It also comes in a 12" version which would be handy for bigger bottles, like shampoos and conditioners. (Retail $5.49)

There is a full size Chap Stick "Hydration Lock" which has a moisturizer on one end and a revitalizer on the other end.  This has the added benefit of having an anti-aging formula.  I go through Chap Stick like water so I'm pleased to get this.  (Retail approx. $3.00)

The smallest item in the box is a tube of Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer by Lashem. There are no instructions on this tube so I looked it up to see what it does.  It claims to temporarily smooths fine lines, creates an instant lift and contains nourishing botanical extracts. At $40 for the full size which is only half a fluid ounce, this is a very expensive product. This sample is .17 oz, so I estimate its retail value at $13.60 which really does seem ridiculous for such a tiny tube. You can bet I will use it VERY sparingly.  (At first glance, I would have never guessed this little item had the highest value in the box!)

The fifth item is a good sized sample of Bellapierre Cosmetics' Pink Cheek & Lip Stain. This has a very pretty natural pink color that is creamy and blends in beautifully. Since it does double duty on cheeks and lips, it would be easy to carry for travel or in your purse.  The full size of this product retails for $19.99 so I estimate this sample to be worth about $7.04.

This box has a retail value of about $32.13 which is not bad at all considering its $12 price. The Bellapierre Cheek & Lip Stain is by far my favorite product but the price point of the Lashem Wrinkle Reducer certainly got my attention. I'm looking forward to finding out if it makes any visible difference.  

If you're interested in trying Beauty Box Five, use code FREEBOXME or FREEBOX1 to get a free box along with the first box in your order.  I believe the free box is usually the box from the month before.  

In closing, I want to mention that I received stellar customer service from Beauty Box Five on two separate occasions where defective products needed to be replaced. There was no argument and replacement products were sent immediately.  That gets them a gold star in my book!


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