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KitNipBox Cat Subscription Box Review, October 2014 + 15% Discount Code!!

There are some incredible statistics regarding kitties in this country. According to the ASPCA, somewhere between 74 and 96 million pet cats share our lives in the United States! 30 to 37 percent of households have at least one cat. It is estimated that there are up to 70 million stray cats in the U.S. More than 35% of cats are acquired as strays. My girl kitty was one of those strays.  Whoever let her get away missed out on a very sweet and loving pet. She weighs only six I named her Lili, which is short for "lilliputian", meaning small or diminutive. (Remember the Lilliputians in "Gulliver's Travels?)

I have been hesitant about getting a subscription box for Lili because she is a senior citizen now and doesn't play at all, preferring to spend her time following me around waiting for a lap to appear, cuddling, purring and sleeping. I wasn't sure she could fully utilize the contents of a monthly box. What spurred me to sign up was my neighbor's kitty who I recently looked after while she was out of town. "Luigi" is eight months old and absolutely full of himself, leaping on every surface, tumbling, playing, attacking, rolling, biting (she's working on that one), jabbering and just generally having the time of his life.  I knew he would appreciate any overflow of toys!

KitNipBox is the only subscription service I've run across that is dedicated to feline well-being and entertainment. They have three subscription plans:
  • Starter Box - contains 1 or 2 items, $15 value - $9/mo.
  • Happy Cat Box - contains 5 or more items, $30 value - $19/mo.
  • Multi-Cat Box - contains 7 or more items, $40 value - $29/mo.
There are several 15% discount codes available (see below) which supposedly only discount the price of the first box.  However, my account dashboard tells me that the discount will also apply to my second box. I am hoping that means the discount will apply to the life of the subscription.

I ordered the Happy Cat Box, which is their most popular size. Our first KitNipBox arrived in a lightweight branded cardboard box.

When I opened the box I found orange tissue paper sealed with a big KitNipBox Halloween sticker.

This Halloween themed box contained four toys and one treat pouch packaged in a big black drawstring organza bag.

To my surprise, Lili showed intense interest in the box as soon as it was opened.  Of course, she rubbed her cheeks against the IS a box, after all!  But she also showed real curiosity about what was inside which I wasn't really expecting from my sedate and quiet girl.

A thank you card tells about Princess Monster Truck, a rescue kitty and a no-kill shelter that KitNipBox is partnering with this month.  

A flyer describes the items included in each size box which is particularly handy if you're considering upgrading to the next larger size and want to know what else you would have gotten.

The first toy is a big faux fur orange and black spider with a bag of organic catnip attached. There is an opening on the back of the spider so it can be filled with whatever amount of catnip turns your cat on. Velcro snaps keep the opening closed and the catnip inside. The spider's long black yarn legs are sure to excite kitty!  (Took me less than five minutes to spill half the bag of catnip.)

Next is a really cute and simple toy that I haven't seen before, called a Kitty Wobbler. It's a weighted ball with a colorful feather plume sticking out the top.  It stands on its own and rocks and rolls as kitty bats at it.

There is a small catnip stuffed fish, just the right size to be swatted all over the floor.

Lili's favorite item is the package of  Wellness Kittles crunchy chicken and cranberry treats.  I give her a few treats just before bedtime every night (she reminds me if I forget!) and I know she'll love these.

The last item is a handcrafted cat toy from an Etsy shop called Mauve Moose.  This is a catnip oil infused wooden spool wrapped with orange yarn with orange and black tassels on the ends. It is small enough for a cat to carry around and play with.  Really ingenious little toy!

There is a card in the box which tells about a website where you can personalize a printable cat cape for your kitty's Halloween costume.  If you want to try this, click here and use coupon code KitNipBoxCape.  

If you're interested in trying KitNipBox, there are several codes that will get you 15% off: SURPRISE, PRINCESS15 or KNB15.  These all worked at the time of this post but if they don't work for you, be sure to check KitNipBox's Facebook page.

Partly because of the Halloween theme, this was a fun box to go through and I was gratified that Lili took an interest in it. Here she is checking out some of the catnip that I spilled. Although she considers herself too mature to play, she did give me a look that said "I could get into this". I'll give her a week or two and whatever doesn't stick will go to Luigi, who is quite a character and will give every toy the workout that it deserves!


In general, I think the younger your cat, the more use you'll get from a KitNipBox. Although this is not a high value box, I think the total retail price would easily exceed the price paid, especially if you get the 15% discount.  

It's bedtime and I am being summoned by a certain fe-lion to serve up her kitty treat nightcap!


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funnynotfunnyyes said...

I ordered my first KitNipBox in August of 2015. I only had the box in my home less than 24 hours when my beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old boy Latte some how got a hold of the mylar streamer wand and ate the streamers off the end. I rushed him to the vet, where an x-ray confirmed 14 strands of mylar in his stomach. He had to have surgery, and he died shortly after.

Latte was the love of my life. He was THE sweetest boy ever, and he was my best friend. He slept to the left of my head every night, and I often woke with his paw on my face. I miss him so much it hurts. I still cry all the time, and I can't sleep.

Please stay away from ALL mylar toys, they are not safe for cats, and stay away from KitNipBox, they are not safe for cats either.

It seems KitNipBox does very little research, and zero safety testing on what they put in their box and send out. They have been around for less than two years and I'm thinking they're more into sales than safety. I personally wish I had never heard of them.

Protect your babies. I wish I had protected mine better, but I let my guard down since this was a ''cat'' company specializing in ''cat'' toys. And my beautiful Latte paid for it with his life. His last 6 hours were spent being prodded, poked, and he was nothing short of terrified. He deserved so much better than this. I'm sorry, Latte. I'm truly, truly sorry.