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SporkPack Kitchen Gadgets & Treats Subscription Review, September 2014 + Discount Codes, Use Quickly!


One of the last subscription boxes to arrive on my doorstep each month is SporkPack. September's box finally reached me on September 29th.  I'm not complaining.  Late deliveries make my sub boxes stretch out through the whole month so I don't have to suffer through a week or two with NO sub boxes....THAT would be unacceptable!

In case you missed my previous SporkPack reviews, they currently offer three discounted subscription plans:

Recurring one month - $29.95 + $6.00 S&H (regular $33.30)
Recurring three month - $26.95 + $6.00 S&H per mo. (regular $29.95)
Recurring six month - $19.95 + $6.00 S&H per mo. (regular $22.20)

September's box contained four items, a useful serving duo, a gadget and two snack items. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a group shot. The yellow card tells what's on the menu though:

The kitchen helper this month is a double chambered hand blown glass cruet from Oggi.  You put balsamic vinegar in the interior chamber (capacity 5 oz.) and oil in the outer chamber (capacity 15 oz.).  This is pretty strange looking (like a bong!) but it's an ingenious design for storing and serving oil and vinegar dressing.  

Next is a 2.3 oz. package of Organic Non GMO Freeze Dried Sweet Corn from Nature's All Foods. This raw vegan snack is something I haven't run across before which is surprising since I love corn in almost any form. This stuff is really good and something I would re-purchase if not for the extravagant price tag of $9.27.  It is available for less on Amazon and I see that this company has some other interesting looking freeze dried snacks available as well.  I'm quite glad to be introduced to this product...that's the job of a subscription box after all!

The second Oggi product in September's box is a sleek looking ceramic sugar and creamer set. They are white and set on stainless steel bases.  The sugar comes with a little stainless spoon. These have a minimalist modern design and would fit in with any kitchen's decor.  

The final item is a little 2 oz. package of Dark Chocolate Goji Berries from Himalania. The front of the package says that goji berries are the most famous berry in the Himalayas.  I would think they're about the ONLY berry in the Himalayas but what do I know?  The idea here is to combine the antioxidant powers of dark chocolate and goji berries for a healthy nutritious snack.  These are quite good!

The combined retail price of these items is $43.91.  That is not particularly impressive but since it is more than I paid and all the items are of interest to me, I can live with it.  Because the retail price of these boxes does not seem to exceed the price paid by very much, it's especially important to take note of the various discount codes available. SporkPack is running a lot of them on their Facebook page right now. These expire very quickly but if you act in time, they may be of use:

Use code FOODIE1 to get 30% off a one month plan
Use code FOODIE3 to get 25% off a three month plan
Use code FOODIE6 to get 10% off a six month plan

If you read this post too late to take advantage of these codes, check SporkPack's Facebook page as they usually publish new codes there.  

My favorite item this month is definitely the freeze dried sweet corn snack. Must find a way to get more of this in my life!



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