Friday, August 29, 2014

Taste For Sweets August 2014 Review + 25% Discount Codes!

For those who have an open mind when it comes to sweets and who are interested in trying candies and other snacks from around the world, Taste For Sweets has a unique subscription service.  Every month, they send a box full of 14 or more candies and treats from outside the U.S.A. If you missed my June Taste For Sweets review, you can catch up here.

A subscription costs $16 per month with free shipping.  If you opt for the six month plan, the cost is $15 per month.  The twelve month plan is $14 per month.  

If you are interested in purchasing gift boxes without a subscription obligation, the cost is $17 for one month, $48 for a three month subscription or $96 for a six month subscription.

My August Taste For Sweets arrived in a small plain cardboard box.  Inside, the treats were wrapped in sparkly white tissue.  Unfortunately, there is no explanatory card inside. Since the treats are all marked in other languages, some explanation would be really helpful!

There are 15 candies and treats in my box.  Eight look to be single serving size and seven are bite size.  I don't remember seeing any of these candies in previous boxes so I am getting a nice wide array of global sweets...the whole reason for subscribing to this box.

I can't tell you much about any of these since they are all marked in foreign languages. But I'll try to relate my observations, limited as they are.  The first item actually is labeled in English.  It's a "Fit Me Muesli Bar" in Orange flavor by Korona, from Bulgaria. The second one says "Choco Snack" with some foreign letters and absolutely no other labeling. It feels like a very light chocolate wafer tube.  Since it is basically unmarked, I wonder if this came out of a multi-pack that was broken down?

This light pink package has one English word on it...bourbon!  The rest looks like Arabic. Again, no identification at all.  I recognized the blue packaging because I noticed the pointed "wings" in several previous packages.  That is a sign of a candy from Russia!  This one is actually from Belarus and I think is some kind of small milk chocolate covered bar.  

The two silver wrapped candies are also from Belarus.  These have a light pleasant lemon flavor with a slightly powdery filling...very good.  No clue what the small yellow and white wrapped candy is but it is marked "mleczne" and has the odd graphic of a pitcher and a couple of daisies.  The little candy with the cow on it has a lot of Asian symbols on the back.  Strangely, it has "since 1984" on a red banner under the name...the only English words on the whole package!  The maker's name apparently is Kasugai so maybe this is Japanese.  

The next little candy twist just says "Michalki" and "Kawowe".  I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that "Michalki" might have something to do with milk chocolate.  This candy has a very enticing coffee aroma as well.  The candy in the dark brown wrapper looks like it's related to the pink one above.  It also has just the one English word "Bourbon" and the rest looks to be in Arabic.  (I know these descriptions are lame; I'm trying...really, I am!)

The candy in the white wrapper looks like a giant Hershey's Kiss but is dusted with cocoa like a decadent truffle.  The only word I could read on the wrapper was "Kommunarka" so I looked that up on the web.  It's another Belarus confectionary that makes all sorts of elegant chocolates and caramels.  The little red foil wrapped candy is dark chocolate, probably with cherry filling.

This is one of the biggest chocolates in this month's box.  I see the word "HEBA" and a lot of Slavic writing.  The website tells me this comes from another confectionery company in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The neatly wrapped bar on the left is another product made by Kommunarka in Belarus. The second candy comes from the Ukraine and has a few English words on the package...."Sunflower Halva "Milk Softness".  Your guess is as good as mine!  I wonder if the pitchers of milk that show up on a lot of the chocolate wrappers from Russia are meant to indicate milk chocolate?

So we have heavy representation from Russia and the Ukraine in the August box.  I find that quite interesting considering the political situation there at the moment.   

If you would like to subscribe to Taste For Sweets or send a gift box, they have some great introductory discount codes:
  • SNACKS25OFF for 25% off first box when signing up for a month to month subscription
  • GIFT25OFF for 25% off an order for a gift box or boxes
One thing I really like about Taste For Sweets boxes is that the chocolate tends to be dark and of high quality....not what is commonly sold in the U.S. If you're a chocolate snob like me, that alone is reason enough to try Taste For Sweets!



DailyNightly said...

When did you receive your box, Cheryl? I ordered a three month gift subscription in May. The The first delivery in June was not delivered until the beginning of July. No delivery since and no response from company for me.

Lone Star Shopper said...

I received this one on August 15th. I've subscribed for a while and they usually come around the middle of the month. Definitely contact them about your order! You can use the "Contact" button at the bottom of their home page or e-mail them directly at Good luck and thanks for reading! Cheryl