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Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription Box Review, August 2014 + FREE Surprise Box Code!

Unless one has been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, it would be pretty hard to miss the explosion of all things nail related, including nail art, nail polish, tools, maintenance products, etc. (Do a quick search for "nail polish trends" on Pinterest for a bird's eye view of some incredible nail artistry!)  Nail polish colors have also been evolving with ever more creative shades and stunning effects, which is where Square Hue comes in.

Square Hue is a nail polish subscription company that sends three limited edition polishes per month with colors that reflect the latest fashion trends and seasons. Square Hue polishes come in .5 oz. square bottles under their own brand name and are "5-free" which means they do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor or formaldehyde resin. Their polishes are quick drying with a high shine finish and they guarantee that you won't get the same color twice. The pricing structure is simple; $14.99 per month plus $5.00 for shipping in the U.S. ($9.00 for shipping to Canada).

My first Square Hue shipment arrived about three weeks after I placed the order. Orders are shipped the first week of every month so if you place your order after the first of the month, you'll get it the following month.  My order arrived in a small white box shipped by USPS first class mail.

Inside are three square bottles of polish and a card that introduces them as "Beverly Hills" from The Passport Collection, a destination series that I believe they've been doing all this year.

We'd be here for a VERY long time if I waited to do this review until my nails were camera ready!  So to speed things up, I did a swatch from each bottle to show you what these stunning colors look like.

From left to right, the first color is called "Canon Drive", a lovely purple with a micro shimmer.  (My camera really didn't do justice to this's more purple and less red than it looks in the photo.)

In the middle is "Rodeo Drive", an absolutely gorgeous shade of gold with micro glitter. This is such a sophisticated and elegant color!


On the right is "Wilshire Boulevard", a beautiful dark blue with micro shimmer. Although I have several blues in my polish collection, this is truly a new shade for me.

I haven't done a full manicure with any of these yet, but I really like the stability of the big square bottles.  You know you're not going to carelessly tip one over.  I am also really pleased with the trendy color curation in this box. I like the idea of having experts send me surprise colors that I might not have chosen for myself. Maybe they will succeed in dragging me kicking and screaming out of my pale pink comfort zone!

Square Hue's next destination collection comes from Sydney, Australia and arrives in mid September.  They have generously offered my readers a FREE surprise box along with the first box in your order. If you're interested, use the code surprise52 to get your free box. If you sign up before August 31st, you'll get the surprise box and the Sydney box at about the same time.  If you sign up after the first of September, you'll get the surprise box shipped when you sign up, then your first box will ship around October 1st.  Make sense?

I can't resist finishing up with this great quote I found on Square Hue's site because I think it probably applies to most of us!

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