Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wantable Makeup Subscription Box Review for August, 2014

It's rare for me to be on the fence about a beauty sub box but that's kinda where I sit on Wantable Makeup. They do a great job of  sending cosmetics that fit the profile you create during the sign-up process. The products are full sized and generally of very good quality. $36 per month or $40 for a one time box, Wantable is definitely among the priciest of beauty sub boxes.  The personalized attention is a big plus but I'm guessing most of us will think twice before committing $36 a month to a selection of unknown products. Wantable apparently doesn't do much discounting either, which doesn't help.     

Another issue with Wantable is that they don't offer discounts for longer term subscriptions.  I feel strongly that loyal subscribers should receive incentive pricing so this fact alone may result in the termination of my subscription sooner rather than later. Having said that, I did receive a nice collection consisting of four products in my August box.  

As always, they included a copy of my preferences as a reminder of what I chose. That way, you can judge for yourself as to whether the products in the box met your criteria. This insert also gives the retail prices of the products.

First is a big "La Riviera Sun Bronzer for Face & Body" by Vincent Longo in the shade "Beauty Sin".  This is in a sleek black case with a considerable amount of product in the pan.  Unlike most bronzers I've seen, this one is lighter in shade and contains flecks of other colors.  The technique of pressing several layered shades into a unique color dispersion pattern is intended to provide versatility that allows perfect color. Retail $32

The next product is a beautiful shade of Nailtini nail lacquer called "Mango Rita" elegant sparkly peach. (My camera definitely didn't do it justice!) This is an unusual pastel shade that I think is versatile enough for year-round wear.  Retail $13

There is a Crayon D'Eyeliner by Mica Beauty Cosmetics in the shade "Silver".  This is pretty much a miss for me as I have almost no use for silver anywhere around my eyes.  I would have loved this big eyeliner if it had been a more useful color!  Oh well, maybe I can use it for a tiny bit of highlighter here and there.  Retail $20

The last product is a volumizing mascara called "It's So Big" by Elizabeth Mott.  The wand has an unusual hourglass brush shape which gives great buildable volume and length.  My only complaint is that once again I've received a black mascara; no other color is EVER sent by any of the beauty box companies!  Retail $19.99

So that is my Wantable Makeup box for August....three hits and a semi-miss.  I feel that two of the products, the bronzer and the nail polish, clearly reflect a stylist's personal attention to my preferences.  The total retail value is $84.99, not the highest I've ever received but certainly enough to justify the price of the box.

Because of the price, I'm still ambivalent about continuing my Wantable subscription but I have a couple of shiny new products to distract me for the time being!

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