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PopSugar Must Have Lifestyle Subscription Box Review, August 2014 + $5 & $10 Discount Codes!

Since I've done several PopSugar Must Have reviews in a row, I wasn't planning to do one for their August box.  But this company keeps surprising me with the fun and interesting assortment of items they send.  Consider how hard it must be to consistently please a widely diverse population of subscribers, all of whom have opinions and many who express them publicly!  It's not a challenge I would welcome. But this company does seem to have its finger on the pulse of its customers in a way that keeps their boxes fresh and interesting.

Just to recap, PopSugar is a lifestyle subscription service geared towards women that sends full size products that range from home decor to beauty to fashion to fitness and even tasty snacks.  This company has achieved a high enough profile that they are constantly pitched products for inclusion in their boxes, a position that gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to curation.  Their boxes often feel like a wonderful creative gift chosen for you by a friend!

PopSugar does offer some savings for longer term subscriptions.  I don't always recommend these because of the volatility of the subscription box business in general. But in the case of PopSugar, I believe they are stable enough and consistently good enough at what they do to make a half year or full year commitment if you wish. Pre-payment is also a good way to lock in savings in case there is a price increase.  The current pricing structure is:

Monthly - $39.95
Three Months - $109.85
Six Months - $214.70
Twelve Months - $429.40

PopSugar also offers seasonal Special Edition boxes.  The ones I've seen so far have been priced at $100.  I have not purchased one myself but strongly recommend reading some blog posts and watching a few YouTube videos on these before ordering.

PopSugar's monthly shipments come in hefty branded hot pink and white boxes.

Inside are six full size products and one full size single serve bar which represent a fun assortment of categories!

The fold out color card says that this box was inspired by "Celebration, Sweet Smells, Sexy Skin, Happy Treats, Beach Days, Summer Nights Out and Shiny Accents".  Well, o.k.!  The pink and white card gives a 20% discount code for Kendra Scott, a promising jewelry site that I intend to check out.

The real attention grabber in this box is the big 20.2 oz. package of cookie mix from the Mason Jar Cookie Company.  The package is designed to look like a mason jar and at first sight, that's what I thought it was. You know those home made layered cookie mixes that are often sold in clear glass jars at bake sales and craft fairs?  This is the same idea; it's just packaged to LOOK like it's in a jar!  This cookie mix contains sprinkles and candy coated chocolates; I can't wait to make it and have a taste. Such clever packaging! Retail $12

Next is a pair of "Elle" earrings in slate by Kendra Scott.  These drop earrings measure about 1-1/4" in length and have large slate gray stones in rhodium plated over brass settings.  These are lightweight and versatile neutrals although they are larger than what I usually wear.  They came in a pretty aqua jewelry bag. Retail $52

There is a full size Lush Fruit Lip Gloss by Bite Beauty in a hot strawberry pink shade made just for PopSugar.  This is made with real fruit and contains strawberry, coconut and avocado oils.  The card says this gloss is a "superfruit smoothie for your lips". Luscious! Retail $22

Next out is a purple meal and dipper set by Goodbyn.  This is the perfect size for portable portion control and it contains a cute little lidded dipper container for any condiment you want to keep separate from your food.  Each side holds about a cup and a quarter and the container is dishwasher safe.  Retail $8

There is a High Protein Bar from "ThinkThin" in the "Brownie Crunch" flavor.  This gives a quick energy boost with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar.  I took a couple of bites and to my surprise, this bar is really good!  I usually brace myself when I see "energy bar" but this is definitely something I would buy in a larger pack size.  The bar is also fairly hefty so you won't be finished after just three bites!  Retail $1.99

I really love this next product, partly because it's so unusual in subscription boxes.  It's a full size 8 oz. tube of At Last perfumed shower gel by Lollia. The scent is "white petals and rice flower".  It's hard to describe but it's a very clean and refreshing light floral scent. Really pleased to get this beautiful product!  Retail $22

Candles are one of my favorite things to get in subscription boxes.  This is a small one (3 oz.) by Paddywax in the scent "Ocean Tide + Sea Salt".  This is a hand poured artisan soy wax candle. The scent is light and really does remind me of the ocean! Retail $10

So I bet you can see why I wanted to do this review!  PopSugar's exceptional job of curation just keeps getting better and better.  This is the one box it's hard to wait for every month.  You know it won't be repetitious, the contents will please the senses and you'll get great value for the price paid....that was $128 for the August box!

If you're interested in trying PopSugar, click here and use code REFER5 for $5 off any length subscription or AUG14SELECT for $10 off a three month subscription. (I'm guessing that one may end at the end of this month so use it quickly if you're interested.) 

Do something nice for yourself and try PopSugar; their boxes make great gifts too!


Disclaimer:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased with my own money. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

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