Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nibblr Healthy Snack Box Review, August 2014 + FREE box!

Nibblr's healthy snack boxes seem to have become a staple in my snacking repertoire. Their service just works on a lot of levels for me.  Portion control....check.  Low cost....check.  Tasty healthy snacks...check. Control of delivery frequency...check. Ability to choose your own snacks...check.  

Although Nibblr's price per box is very modest, you can get even more of a discount by signing up for more boxes at one time.  Here's the breakdown:

One box - $5.99
Four boxes - $5.75/box, $23 total
Twelve boxes - $5.50/box, $66 total

As if that pricing is not attractive enough, get a FREE box using my referral code 2745!

If you missed my last Nibblr review that contains all the details, you can check it out here.

Since I started my Nibblr subscription in February of this year, I've had quite some time to refine my choices on their site.  That means I'm primarily getting snacks I really like these days.  If you've experienced subscription services that give you NO control over the edibles inside, you know what a benefit that is!

Nibblr sends slim branded white boxes that will fit inside your mailbox.   

Each box contains four individually sealed portion controlled trays. Each tray has the name of the snack on top with a brief description and a full nutrition facts label on the back. The portability of these snacks is one of their great features....they are perfect for "on the go" healthy snacking.

My August box contained these four snacks (from left to right in the photo above):

Cajun Crunch - A savory mix composed of cajun corn sticks, peanuts and corn nuts. These are high in fat so I try to just eat a small handful at a time.

Sesa-Me & You - Sesame honey almonds.  Delicious mix with all the right flavors but again, the fat content is high, so I have to control myself.

The Sweet Life - Peaches, blueberry and pomegranate pieces and golden raisins. Finally! A zero fat sweet snack that I absolutely love!

Mango Cardamom Smoothie - Cardamom praline pecans, banana chips, ginger brittle and mangoes.  Could use a bit less ginger in my opinion but this mix is so good, who cares?

Again, to get your FREE no obligation box from Nibblr, just use referral code 2745 and watch for that slim white box to magically appear in your mailbox.

Snack happy!


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