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Taste Trunk (Sweet Trunk) August 2014 Review + 25% Discount Code!

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Taste Trunk is a curated gourmet food subscription service that sends small batch quality desserts. Four different trunk themes are available....Gourmet, Sweet, BBQ and Health. I am subscribed to the Sweet Trunk (duh!) and always eagerly anticipate the monthly box. If you missed my last Taste Trunk review, you can catch up here. The Sweet Trunk focuses on artisanal treats and desserts with a nice array of different flavors and textures.

The pricing structure for Taste Trunk is as follows:

One time trunk - $29 + S&H (for me, the S&H works out to $5.99)
Monthly subscription - $29 + S&H
3 Mo. Membership - $99 (shipping included)
6 Mo. Membership - $195 (shipping included)
1 Yr. Membership - $380 (shipping included)

As with most subscription services, there is some savings associated with longer term subscriptions.  Unlike other services, you can make a one time purchase for the same price as a month to month subscription. That's a great no-commitment opportunity to try a Taste Trunk!

Taste Trunks always arrive in a branded cardboard box that is printed to look like an old trunk.

Inside the lid is a vintage photo that looks like a train depot scene for the well heeled circa 1900. Completing the look is a gold wax seal with a stamped "T". 

The goodies are wrapped in black tissue, packed in black crinkle shreds and tied with a maroon ribbon. The vintage print envelope contains cards that tell a bit of the history of each represented vendor and details about their product.

And here is a group shot of all the delectable treats inside the August box and the explanatory cards.

The largest item in the August Sweet Trunk is a tub containing four cream-filled chocolate cupcakes called "Penguinos" by Mariposa of Oakland, CA...great name! These moist little cakes are gluten free and look like gourmet versions of Hostess Cupcakes. I ate one and although it was good, I would say the taste was somewhat compromised by the lack of gluten.

Another treat from Mariposa is a large coconut lemon square, layered with pecans. This is also gluten free and wheat free.

There is a package containing five individually wrapped Cocomels by JJ's Sweets in Boulder, CO. (home of one of my alma maters)  These are in the original coconut milk caramel flavor with added sea salt.  Since I had read a lot of rave reviews about Cocomels, I really expected to like these.  The flavor IS very good but I didn't like the oiliness of the candy.  I think that is because these are made with 100% natural ingredients without preservatives.

A cute vintage tin contains individually wrapped Mango Ginger Chews from Chimes of Pomona, CA.  I'm not usually a fan of ginger based candies but the mango really saves these for me.  They are sweet and chewy and have quite a sharp "zing" to them from the ginger.

Last but certainly not least is a package containing four hefty peanut butter brownies by Dancing Deer of Boston, MA.  Dancing Deer has been a frequent Taste Trunk contributor and I always look forward to their yummy baked products.  These dark fudge brownies are a bit dry but they have the added interest of peanut pieces added peanut butter drizzled across the top.

That's all for the August Sweet Trunk.  If you are interested in trying one (or more) of the Taste Trunk options, use code Lonestarshopper25 at checkout for a 25% discount. Also, they often run different promotions on their home page, so check there for other current discount codes.

You can always count on Taste Trunk for quality gourmet products, but in the case of the Sweet Trunk (the only one I've tried), I've found that it is pretty important to consume the products quickly. Most of them are hand made and preservative free so they won't last long unless you freeze them.  Just a friendly caveat based on personal experience!

Enjoy Taste Trunk and thank you for reading,


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