Sunday, August 17, 2014

SporkPack Kitchen Gadgets & Treats Subscription Review, July 2014 + 20% Discount!


Attention foodies; this review is for you!  SporkPack is a monthly culinary subscription service that sends a box containing six to eight items with a total retail value of $40 or more.  Each month you get a kitchen gadget, a cooking essential and several delectable treats.  The gadgets are things you might not really need but are fun to have and play with.  The essentials are tools that help you reduce prep time, cook like a professional and prepare restaurant quality dishes. The hand picked and taste tested treats are sourced from around the world.  

SporkPack offers three subscription plans:

One month recurring - $22.34 + 6.00 S&H
Three months recurring - $21.09 + 6.00 S&H 
Six months recurring - $19.84 + 6.00 S&H 

My first SporkPack arrived about two weeks after I signed up.  It came in a large plain white box with a yellow label.  

Inside, the items were wrapped in purple tissue sealed with a flower sticker.

The July box contained one kitchen gadget, one tool and a number of treats and edibles.  The theme of this box is "A Taste of Japan".

The card identifies the foods, which is helpful since they are mostly labeled in Japanese.

As a person with every conceivable gadget or tool in my kitchen, I really doubted that SporkPack could send me anything I didn't already have.  But they somehow managed to do so!  I was delighted to get the cute pop-up silicone strainer.  This is NOT your Momma's old metal colander!  (O.K., I confess....I do have one myself.)  The colors are attractive and the medium size is perfect for most of my needs.


This strainer measures 7-3/4" across and when expanded, holds a full quart.  When collapsed, it is about the width of a dinner plate so takes up very little storage space or room in the dishwasher, a high priority in my kitchen!  This strainer withstands heat up to 250 degrees.

The gadget in this box is a Spiral Slicer from SureSlice.  This is a vegetable peeler and a spiralizer (I'm not making this up) and is made of professional grade stainless steel with Japanese blades.  It has two different julienne peeler slicers and vegetable cutters.  Use this to julienne strips of carrot, radish and cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables.  The spirals are great for vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes and are, of course, perfect for embellishing other dishes.  

I'm not excited at all about the first food item which is an 8.2 oz. package of Japanese Recipe Vegetable Curry with Chicken from Curry House that you can serve over rice or pasta.  Sorry, I just don't do curry.

Things are looking up with the very colorful package of Kotsubukko (I think) "crispy crunchy rice crackers". I'm trusting the card since I have no idea what the writing on the package says.

Equally colorful is an amusing bright red package of Tohato Caramel Corn, a Japanese take on a classic treat.

Last are three individual size Hi-Chews in Green Apple, Grape and Strawberry and a miniature KitKat bar in their newest flavor...creme brulee.  Thanks to subscription boxes, I have become addicted to Hi-Chews.  (All three of those are gone, gone, gone.)  I've heard about the famous strawberry KitKats from Japan so am a little disappointed that this one is not that flavor.  The information card actually suggests TOASTING this KitKat for a couple of minutes to get a brulee top.  (I can just see all the August SporkPackers attempting this with tiny little torches!)  I love the candy but would like to see full size versions included in future boxes.

That's everything in the July SporkPack.  This was a fun box to dig through and I'm really looking forward to their upcoming gadgets and kitchen tools.

If you would like to try SporkPack, click here and use coupon code LONESTAR at checkout to get 20% off your order.  This code is good until September 30, 2014.  

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