Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lip Monthly August 2014 Review + Discount Codes, First Box for $2.99!!

Lip Monthly

This is my fourth Lip Monthly review in a row.  I've given them quite a bit of attention because they are a new company and I was interested to see where they were going. Lip Monthly definitely provides product worth the price paid. For $10 a month (plus shipping), they could send two or three mid-range products or they could send four or five really low-end brands.  So far, they've chosen to do the latter most of the time.  That means my lipstick drawer is quickly filling up with Jesse's Girl, City Color and even a couple of "no names".  To be fair, there have been a few products from Stila, Hard Candy and John Frieda but the majority have been the lower cost brands.

So, let's see what came in Lip Monthly's August box. There is one eye pencil, four lip products and a cosmetic bag.  All of the cosmetics are full size!

The bag is cute; it looks like Lip Monthly has taken a cue from Ipsy's popular practice of sending a new cosmetic bag every month.  This one is teal blue with their logo repeating on it.

The first product is the Lid Last Shadow Pen by Pixi in the shade "Gilded Mink", which is a goldish brown color.  This doesn't seem like a particularly practical shade to me but it is a nice quality product.  Retail $18

The second product is a Lip Balm by City Color in "Ultra Pink", an intense pink shade.  I got the same thing last month in "Bright Pink" which I haven't even opened yet so really wish they hadn't sent a repeat so quickly.  Retail $2.99

The next item is City Color's "Magic Balm" which looks like a colorless moisturizing stick similar to Chap Stick but in a cute chubby lipstick type tube.  Retail $2.99

In a trendy rectangular acrylic tube is a Be Matte lipstick by City Color in "Phoebe", a bright pink shade.  I would wear this color in a gloss but probably not in a matte. Retail $3.99

Finally, there is a Liquid Glass lip gloss by Jesse's Girl in "Idyllic" which is a pretty frosty pink shade.  This is not a great formulation but it has the most wonderful candy-like smell and taste.  I could eat this stuff!  Retail $4.99

Wow....that is a LOT of pink for one month!  As I mentioned above, the value ($33.96) is there (largely due to the Pixi Shadow Pen) but I'm not sold on the curation. Quantity is important of course but there really needs to be some diversity in colors and brands as far as I'm concerned.  The addition of the cosmetic bag is a nice touch!

Lip Monthly is a great source of inexpensive lip products.  They do offer significant discounts for longer term subscriptions. If you'd like to give them a try, the cost is $10 per month plus $6 shipping.  If you sign up for a four month term, the cost is $32.99 + $24 shipping.  With a four month subscription, use coupon code 1ST299 to get your first box for just $2.99.  If you subscribe for a full year, use coupon code 2FREE to get two months for free, making the cost $100 + $72 shipping. Plans automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.

Check out Lip Monthly and let me know what you think!


Lip Monthly

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Anonymous said...

Hello just thought I would let you know the Magic Balm is pH balanced so when you use it the shade is unique based on your biology. I was actually surprised as mine went very dark, almost fuchsia pink.

Lone Star Shopper said...

Interesting! I just tried it and it's completely without color on me. I even swiped it on my cheek to be sure...still no color at all. Would be fun to hear the experiences of others. Thanks for reading!