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Treatsie Gourmet Sweets Review, April 2015 + Double Sweets Code!

April's Treatsie box is full of decadent goodness, including plenty of chocolate, both milk and dark.  After some heat related issues last summer, Treatsie has become really good at protecting their chocolate during shipment.  I appreciate their pro-active measures because nobody wants to receive melted chocolate!  April's box (which contains almost all chocolate items) arrived inside an insulated bubble mailer with a cold pack inside.  Since I was traveling at the time the shipment arrived, I wasn't able to pick it up for two weeks. Thanks to Treatsie's careful packaging, I'm happy to say the contents were in perfect condition.

As always, the sweets were wrapped in mint green tissue with a Treatsie seal.

Look at all the chocolate!  Yes!!!

The information card tells us what's in the box and the retail values.  The other side of the card shows a U.S. map with the current month's contributing confectioners marked.  For April, our treats are coming from Minnesota, New York and Georgia.

The only non-chocolate item in the box is this package of four big Malvi Marshmallow Confections.  (Their site is well worth a visit!)  These are in the flavor Vanilla Salted Caramel.  I've had these before in other flavors and they are really good.  In case you're wondering, "Malvi" is short for "Malvavisco", the Spanish word for marshmallow.

On to the chocolate!  There are four little chocolate bites from B.T. McElrath Chocolatier in Minneapolis.  Two are milk chocolate and two are dark.  Here are the very appealing and creative flavor combinations:

  • Dark Chocolate Caramel Bite (butter caramel in 70% dark chocolate)
  • Super Red Bite (70% dark chocolate with cherries, strawberries & raspberries)
  • Buttered Toast Bite (Toasted bread crumbs in 40% milk chocolate)
  • Prairie Dog Bite (40% milk chocolate with toasted almonds, butter toffee and sea salt)

In an elegant mint green paper wrapper, there is a full size PB&J Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Praline, Raspberry Pate de Fruit bar from Tumbador Chocolate.  I feel a chocolate coma coming on!

The last two items are small cube shaped boxes, also from Tumbador Chocolate. One contains "Corn Nut Dragee", which is corn nuts covered in 72% dark chocolate. (Why has nobody ever thought of this before?  These are delicious!) The other is "Chocolate Pretzel Poppers" which are pretzel nuggets dipped in 42% milk chocolate.  

Although I wish I'd gotten all dark chocolate, I have to admit this is a great box! Treatsie is obviously being very diplomatic with their inclusion of half milk and half dark chocolate items.  New subscribers now have the option to indicate a preference for milk, dark or coffee/espresso chocolates, but I haven't found a way for existing subscribers to make that choice.  (Yes, I have e-mailed them!)   

If you're interested in trying Treatsie, the cost is $15 per month, $42 per quarter or $144 annually.  There is a $4.95 shipping fee per month with all the plans.  They feature three vendors per month and you get at least $25 in retail value inside each box.  Boxes are shipped in the third week of the month.

Click here and use code FRBUCO01 or FBDOUBLESWEETS to get double the amount of sweets in your first box!  

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