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New England Sack Review, May 2015 + 10% Discount Code!

My favorite subscription boxes are those that succeed in whisking you away, whether that's in a geographic sense or by providing some kind of luxury experience.  Since New England is far away from me, I was intrigued when I heard about New England Sack, which sends locally made hand crafted products.  The half dozen or so products in their boxes may be one-of-a-kind artisanal items or gourmet treats with personalized touches.

New England Sack subscriptions are available on a month to month basis or at a discount for three or six month terms.  All prices include shipping.  At present, they ship only to the U.S.

Monthly - $35.00
Three Mos. - $99.00
Six Mos. - $195.00  

My first New England Sack box arrived via USPS Priority mail eight days after ordering.  It came in a plain cardboard box with their brand on the bottom.

Inside there was indeed a sack, some candy, a note and a lot of brown crinkle shreds.

The information sheet was made a little more creative by the use of red sealing wax, which I thought was a classy touch.  The sheet has a lot of information on each product but honestly, the dark color and tiny print make it pretty hard for my very weak eyes to read. (Fortunately, I have my trusty jeweler's loupe right here!)

The only edible item is a small box containing two Butternut Chocolates from Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe in Ridgefield, CT.  These are absolutely delicious little homemade pieces of toffee covered in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed pecans. Chocolate covered toffee is probably my favorite candy in the entire universe so these are a huge hit with me!

All the rest of the products were inside this big white canvas bag with New England Sack's logo stamped on one corner.  This has a drawstring top and is a very useful item.

This charming little box holds a mini mason jar that is filled with an All-Natural Maple Syrup Scrub from Vermont's Natural Whipping Queen made by Judi McCormick. The only ingredients in this scrub are brown sugar, maple syrup and olive oil.  A small wooden application spatula is also included.  I'm looking forward to trying this!

These greeting cards come from an Etsy shop called Wonderful Life Farm in New Hampshire which features historically inspired hand made items that are both beautiful and functional.  This is a set of four gorgeous flower photography note cards plus envelopes. Who couldn't benefit from a little nudge towards hand written civility?

Next is a beautiful little bluegreen glass coin featuring a dragonfly.  This comes from Hot Glass Works in Jamaica, Vermont.  The coin has a little hook in the top so I think it will make a nice little sun catcher when suspended from a suction hook on a window. These coins are collectible and come in various shades with all sorts of different images on them.  Definitely something I haven't seen in a sub box before!

The last item is a lovely flower shaped ivory soap in a cellophane bag.  This comes from Goatboy Soaps in New Milford, CT.  This is a Japanese inspired facial soap, which contains goat's milk, olive, coconut and palm oil, shea butter, fragrance and "sake kasu", a by-product that comes from making sake.  It is said to be creamy, luxurious and long-lasting and to have age defying properties.

I really enjoyed my first New England Sack.  Overall, this was a beautifully curated box and every single item is gift-worthy.  I liked that several different areas of New England were represented and there was a nice mix of artisans and products. For the price paid, I would have liked to see one more item included.  All of the products inspire me to take a look at the creators' websites.

If you would like to try New England Sack, use code livelocal10 to save 10% off any subscription.  The site also has a Build Your Own Sack section where some of their products are available individually.  There is another area where you can see the items that were included in a couple of the past boxes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little taste of New England and I think you will too!

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