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Sock Panda Subscription Review, April 2015 + 15% Discount Code!

Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with socks.  I wasn't born that way; it's the natural result of SO many sock subscription services (in other words, NOT my fault).  Socks are the quintessential sub box item because they are lightweight (cheap to ship), ubiquitous (everybody needs them), easy to source (Hello China!) and relatively inexpensive. To be fair, most of the sock sub companies do a pretty good job. But Sock Panda stands out in the crowd because their socks are just so darn cute!  

If you missed my last Sock Panda review, click here to catch up on the details.  I am on the two pairs per month plan ($19) because it's less expensive per pair than if you just get one pair per month ($12).  Sock Panda arrives in a fun envelope with their panda on the lower front and pairs of socks all over the back.

Here are the two very colorful pairs of socks inside.  When you sign up, you get to choose your sock style, "Bold", "Cool" or "Both".  I don't remember which option I chose but for me, the whole point of a sock subscription is to push your sock boundaries. Judging from these two, it looks like I probably chose "Bold"!

I think these light green socks with aqua cuffs, toes and heels and a black panda print are about the cutest socks I've ever seen.  Up until now, I haven't declared any one pair of socks to be my favorite but I think we have a winner!  A-do-ra-ble!

Nothing really compares to those panda socks but I love these wildly colored socks too...with their pink, yellow, aqua, blue, green and purple geometric motif.  They almost have a stained glass quality.  Like most Sock Panda socks, these are meant to be seen!

So, those are my April socks.  I appreciate the way Sock Panda is expanding my sock horizons. My boring solid blue, white, black and gray socks are probably not going to be seeing much future use.

If you're interested in trying Sock Panda, the codes HELLO, SUB15 and MILITARY15 will get you a 15% discount off your first month.  PANDA10 will get you a 10% discount. These codes should work on either subscriptions or gift orders.

Everything about Sock Panda is fun, from their name to their packaging to their socks.   If your sock drawer could use some pizazz, check 'em out!

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