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Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review Summer 2015 + $5 Store Discount!

Nobody employs wit and creativity in their products the way the Fortune Cookie Soap Company does!  They walk to the beat of a different drummer, entertaining us all royally in the process.  For their Summer 2015 Soap Box, the theme is "Straight on Till Morning".  All the products are named with some reference to Peter Pan, although you'll never see that name directly referenced.  How they avoid legal ramifications is a mystery to me.

Opening a quarterly Fortune Cookie Soap box is always a sensory know there will be an explosion of color, luscious scents and adorable little containers. (You may be tempted to taste, but please don't!) Here's a first look at the color riot in the Summer box:

The information card introduces the theme and gives a color photo of each item inside. The product descriptions are sometimes irreverent, humorous and occasionally downright risque.

Every quarterly box contains one of their signature fortune cookie shaped soaps. This one is called "Second Star to the Right" with a midnight sky melange of glittery blue, pink and purple.  The scent is described as "crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane".  These soaps degrade quickly in water but they smell great and contain fun fortune slips.

A charming touch was the inclusion of this red feather; as if Tinkerbell had graced it at some point!  There is also the tiniest "Kiss" lip balm I have ever seen; there is literally about a third of an inch of product here.  This does have a nice light and fruity scent, comprised of watermelon, pineapple, coconut water and fresh citrus juices. Since a tube retails for just $3.49, it does seem like they could have included a full-sized one.

This little pot of salt scrub is called "The Boy Who Never Grew Up".  This is a pretty shade of green and it has a very subtle margarita scent.

Every FCS box I've received has contained a little bottle of hand sanitizer so they are stacking up around here.  This one is named after Tink herself and is a light chartreuse color filled with subtle sparkle.  The scent is described as "fresh cherries in cream sprinkled with toasted coconut and a fairy dusting of powdered sugar".  I would have never guessed those elements; mine has a pretty strong top note of alcohol.

This tiny little veggie protein deodorant is a new addition to the box; I don't think they've ever included one before.  This is called "Wendy Bird" and has a semi-transparent icy blue consistency.  The scent is green apple with a tropical twist; if it works, this is a keeper!

This pump spray sample contains a two phase perfume oil called "Mermaid Lagoon".  This has an odd appearance, like a gelatinous cocoon suspended in liquid.  The scent is hard to describe and the description on the card does not help. I'd say there is some coconut in it, a mix of fruits and a hint of vanilla.

I believe most of the FCS boxes have contained a foil wrapped shower steamer, called "Steam Me Up Scotty!"  This one is also called "The Captain" and smells of magnolias and berries drenched in fresh cream.  These don't last long but they add a nice bit of scented luxury to the shower.

My favorite product in this box is this cute little pot of "Lost Boys Whipped Cream" which is a lovely pale lavender color and smells of apricot and peaches.  This is one I might actually buy in the full size.

The quarterly Fortune Cookie Soap Box is $19.99 for U.S. customers and $28 for those in Canada.  Shipping is free (well, at least there is not a separate charge for it!)

I believe the Summer Soap box is sold out but now is the time to sign up if you're interested in the Fall box. The one last year arrived in mid-August. These boxes are extremely popular so I encourage you to get on their mailing list if you're interested in reserving a spot or hearing about the various collections they promote between now and then.

Of course, the point of the quarterly box is to get you to check out Fortune Cookie Soap's store.  They have had availability problems in the past (especially with items promoted in the current box) but I see plenty of products from the "Straight on Till Morning" collection right now.  So maybe they have that issue under control. The store is a lot of fun to browse and you can also pick up products from past boxes. Click here for a $5 discount off a $30 purchase in the store.

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