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PijonBox College Subscription Review, May 2015 + $10 Discount Code!

There don't seem to be many sub boxes that cater specifically to college students. Seems like that would be an obvious niche market but I guess the summer revenue gap is a major barrier to entry. For a while, Co-Ed Supply appeared to be the only player in this market, but they vanished from the scene after the Spring, 2014 semester.  There are companies that send care packages to college students but the only subscription box I know about is PijonBox.  Neither my French dictionary nor Babelfish confirm the existence of "pijon" but since their logo is a pigeon, I think it's safe to assume that "pijon" means "pigeon".

Although it is near the end of their shipping season, I decided to take advantage of a deal that included the final box for this semester, then resumes shipping in the fall. So my first box is their May box which is the last one for this school year.  Wnen signing up, you have the option to indicate a university and whether you're buying for a male or female.  The available subscription plans are:

Four Mos. - $27/mo., billed in advance
Eight Mos. - $25/mo., billed in advance
Custom - schedule 1 to 16 boxes (price drops to $23/mo. for commitments of 9 mos. or longer)

Shipping is $1.99 per box for all plans.

My first box arrived about two weeks after placing the order.  It is a good sized blue logo box with an admonition to "Be Good, Don't Steal" on the outside.  I see how that could be a problem if the box arrived in a communal living situation!

Inside were seven items, loosely packed in paper crinkle shreds.

My first impression was that this is a distinctly masculine assortment, surprising since I ordered a girl's box.  Sorta looks like they just had a bunch of "boy" items left over at the end of the semester so that's what everyone got.

An information card gives a brief description of each item.

The first item in my "female" box is a black Ethik Clothing Co. ball cap.  This is a streetwear company in NYC.  Judging from their site, it looks like their clothing is geared completely towards boys and men.  It is a cool cap but not something any college age girl I know would wear.  (Yes, I know a few might but my point is that this box does not reflect the gender choice I made.)

Next is a sunscreen stick from Raw Materials. This is an antioxidant rich SPF 30 intended for use on the lips, nose and face. Again...very masculine packaging.  I would not gift this to a girl.

If you've been getting subscription boxes for any length of time, you're probably familiar with Dang coconut products.  They are very tasty and come in different flavors.  This box contained a 1.43 oz. package of toasted coconut chips in Caramel Sea Salt flavor and a smaller package of the original chips.  Some people like to eat these straight but I add them to salads and/or desserts....anywhere I want an extra bit of crunch.

There are two packages of Kettle potato chips, one in Backyard Barbeque and one in Jalapeno flavor.  I like this brand but gotta say that single serve packages of potato chips are not very exciting in a sub box.

There is also a $1.50 coupon for the purchase of 2 packages of Kettle chips.

The last item is a small package of Honey Stinger Energizing Chews in Pomegranate Passion flavor.  These are a natural source of energy that were originally designed for long distance cyclists.  They are pretty tasty.

So that's it for my first PijonBox.  This would have been a nice box for a college boy but since I ordered a girl's box, it was a disappointment.  The edible items would be fine for either gender but the two non-food items are definitely for guys.  I have contacted the company about the apparent mistake and will update this post if and when I hear back from them.

  • Update (5/6/15) - PijonBox responded immediately to my e-mail about the lack of "girl" items in this box.  They sent out a replacement shipment that contained two small lip products, which are female-appropriate.  Thank you to PijonBox for correcting this issue and especially for the quick and professional response! 

Aside from the gender issue I encountered, this is an interesting box that I'm sure would be appreciated by any college student.  It's also fun for non-college students! If you're interested in trying PijonBox, click here and use the code media-deal to get $10 off any length subscription.

The next round of PijonBoxes goes out in September so keep this box in mind for students over the summer.

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