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Fair Ivy Handmade Gift Subscription Review, April 2015

Fair Ivy is not your average subscription company.  For one thing, they don't send lots of items each month.  They also do not tell you what you'll be receiving, although their site shows examples of items that have been sent in prior months.  Fair Ivy sends a high quality hand made item each month, shipped directly from the artist. At the fairly high price of $30 plus $6.95 for shipping and with only one item in the box, there is a risk of getting something that doesn't work for you. However, the quality/desirability of the items I've received so far has been impressive. Also, these products are 100% gift quality if you just can't use them yourself.

In case you are spooked by the shipping charge, let me just say that my April box had a postage amount of $8.26 on it.  The lovely item inside retails on the maker's site for $32.  So, I received $40.26 in value for the $36.95 paid.  Just wanted to mention that since shipping is a big part of my own business and buyers often don't understand how high postage costs really are.

So, what was this terrific item in my April box?  It is a stunning yellow and gold latte mug from White Peach Pottery.  This is a wheel-thrown mug with two glazes on it and a 24K gold accent at the top of the handle.

The information card says that the mug is thrown on a potter's wheel before being hand-altered and high fired three times throughout the process.  

This is a heavy mug, weighing about 12 oz.  It holds about 8 oz., so is the perfect size for coffee, tea, chocolate or the hot drink of your choice.

As a full-time scavenger and re-seller, I am constantly watching for marks of origin so was impressed to see the White Peach Pottery mark on the bottom of this mug.  I don't think I've ever received a handmade item in a subscription box that included a maker's mark. That is what makes this subscription SO unique!

A small pottery stirring spoon...surprisingly heavy for its size...was also included. The bowl of the spoon is decorated with tiny gold dots that match the handle of the mug.  

Here is the little introductory note for April from Fair Ivy:

And this is the explanatory card telling about the mug.  It mentions the name of the artist, Marianne Tolosa and her pottery in Virginia.  After seeing this mug, I am a new fan!

I can't say enough good things about this amazing mug.  It is beautifully made and unlike anything else I own.  The stirring spoon is adorable.  This is the kind of thing you HOPE somebody will give you as a gift!  It is definitely not your average subscription box fare.  Fair Ivy is going to have a tough time equaling or exceeding this stunning mug in the next box but if anybody can do that, they can.

As you can see, Fair Ivy is not for bargain or quantity hunters.  It is for those who appreciate handmade quality and beautiful items.  Because of the very unique nature of this service, there are a limited number of subscriber slots open each month.  If you're interested in signing up, you may need to put your name on a waiting list.  When I did that earlier this year, I heard from them within a month that a spot was open.

If you check Fair Ivy's subscription page, you'll notice that monthly subscriptions include eligibility for special bonus gifts.  In reading and watching other reviews, I see that some subscribers also got separately mailed loose tea and handmade soap following receipt of their mugs.  Fair Ivy says that a limited number of these bonus items are available each month and they try to rotate them among subscribers.  It is disappointing to not be among that group so I'm sure this policy is frustrating for the "have nots".  Let's hope Fair Ivy can find a way to make the bonus program a little more equitable.

Now I plan to do a little shopping on White Peach Pottery's site, a place I definitely would not have found without Fair Ivy!

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