Monday, May 25, 2015

Something Snacks Review, May 2015 + $3 Discount Code!

One of the least expensive snack subscriptions is Something Snacks.  They send a variety of hand-selected products, including at least one sweet, one salty, one international and one healthy snack. Boxes are $10 per month or $9 if you commit to six months or a year.  (There is a $3 per box shipping charge for the U.S. and $8 for Canada.)  Recurring orders are billed on the first of each month and boxes are shipped between the 7th and 15th of the month.

The theme for Something Snacks May box is "Mothers-Approved". Everything arrived in a medium sized white box with a logo sticker on it.  As always, there were seven full size single snacks.

The information brochure gives the theme for the month and shows a color photo of each snack.  It also introduces the featured snack for the month.

The featured snack is a "Brownie Mouthful" from Righteously Raw.  I must admit the name of the vendor is a turn-off to me....who really wants a raw brownie? The name and picture on the wrapper are very misleading. This is in no way, shape or form a brownie. It's a smooth molded candy that looks like a truffle and tastes like a very high percentage cacao content chocolate. As much as I like dark chocolate, this was too bitter. When I read the label, I saw why. It contains dates, agave, raisins, cacao, vanilla bean powder and a few other refined sugar. Just not my thing.

Much more to my liking are these Garden Veggie Chips from Sensible Portions.  I've had these before and really like them. They're a little better for you than regular potato chips but not so much that the taste is affected.

Another snack I've had before are these Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies from Home Free.  I usually don't like packaged cookies but these are pretty long as you don't have the competition of any fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies lying around (always a hazard at my house).

This is a big Lemon Almond Biscotti stick from Be-Bop Biscotti.  (The photo doesn't do justice to the size.) One of these in chocolate mint flavor showed up in Something Snacks' March box. It was delicious!

This package contains rolled wafers filled with hazelnut cream from Ulker Rulokat. This comes from Turkey, a country I've learned to respect when it comes to snacks.

These Kasugai Mango Gummies come from Japan, another country that gets their snacks right.  

The final item is a package of Cheddar Tortilla Chips from Food Should Taste Good. These all natural tortilla chips are made with cheddar cheese, brown rice, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds and quinoa.  Despite all the virtuous sounding labels on this package, these are quite high in fat.  That probably means they are good!

There you have Something Snacks for May.  I'm pretty happy with this box; the only item I would not repeat is the Brownie Mouthful.  Otherwise, these all look tasty and should calm the snack monster for a while.

Although you can't choose what comes in your Something Snacks box, there is an opportunity to rate the featured snacks on their site. I have liked most of them but they'll definitely hear from me about the imposter brownie this month. 

The Something Snacks box for June will have a Father's Day theme.  If you're interested in checking them out, use code TRY3NOW for $3 off any subscription.  

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