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Batch Austin Gourmet Food Review, February 2015 + Discount Codes!

Living in Austin for a couple of years left me with a profound respect for bats.  (Truth be told, they weren't actually there then but I like to pretend they were.)  Since their arrival by the millions in the early 80's, bats have significantly enriched Austin's cultural identity. Those little pest controlling tourist-attracting flying entrepreneurs have also proved to be a considerable economic stimulus to the area.

What does any of this have to do with a gourmet food box? I'm glad you asked. Before Mexican free-tail bats discovered Austin, many of us just appreciated their <ahem> "contributions" to mascara.  Who knew they were the forerunners of the eclectic personality that defines Austin today?  That unique flavor is exactly the reason that Austin was chosen as one of the featured cities in Batch's gourmet food boxes.  (Circuitous I know, but I got there, didn't I?)

February's Batch Austin box contained four products, three gourmet edibles and a candle.

The popcorn gods have smiled on me via Batch Austin.  A couple of months ago I (who never win anything) actually won one of the prizes in their "Twelve Days of Christmas" contest and they generously sent me four bags of gourmet popcorn that had been featured in one of their previous boxes.  Those bags are long gone but their memory lingers on. This month we have a peanut butter and chocolate mix from Cornucopia Popcorn Creations which makes over 30 unique varieties.  Just yum!

Next is this tea from Zhi Tea, an independent tea company that offers almost 200 hand blended teas.  This herbal tea is called "Restful Blend", an organic loose-leaf tea containing "a synergy of flavors, bouquets and visual delights".  This is a really beautifully and artfully made blend which I can't wait to try.

The piece de resistance in this box is a 9 oz. jar of Original Chocolate Sauce from The Barton Table.  This is a "homemade recipe with simple, high quality ingredients and a smooth creamy texture" suitable (as the label says) for dipping, drizzling, dunking and drenching. The instructions advise the user to "scoop desired amount into cup or bowl...then add one more scoop"!  

The final item was somewhat unexpected....a hand poured lavender scented soy candle in a cute metal tin from Luna Tigre, a brand new candle company founded in 2014.  Although lavender is not my favorite scent, I have to admit this is nice.  And candles are always welcome in my sub boxes!

The items in this box were chosen to please all the senses.  I think they accomplished that and represented Austin well!  Forgot to mention the information card which tells about each contributor and provides a 20% discount code (SWEETDREAMS) which can be used towards any gift batch on their site.

Batch Austin is $29.99 per month which includes free shipping. (The box weighs about 3 lbs., so the shipping cost is significant.)  Coupon code BELOCAL or BATCHTASTIC will get 10% off your first order.  Also, don't forget to check Batch's site for boxes from their other featured cities, Nashville, Charleston and Memphis.  

One little bit of bat trivia, then I promise I'll go away. A Mom Mexican free-tail bat can find her baby even in colonies where 500 of them cluster in one square foot. Now, that's just good parenting!

Bat-tastically yours,


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