Friday, February 13, 2015

Zoya Nail Polish Mystery Trio Promotion, January 2015

My word for today is "panoply" which, according to Mr. Webster, means "a wide-ranging and impressive array or display".  A perfect example is the panoply of nail polish shades found on Zoya's website which make me want to hit "Add to Bag" repeatedly! 

In January, Zoya offered a set of three mini polishes with three full size polishes of your choice for free....just pay $15 for shipping.  Since their polishes are regularly $9, this works out to about $40.50 in retail value. To sweeten the deal, the mini polishes were guaranteed to be shades that have never been available for retail sale.

Choosing JUST three shades from the vast Zoya color universe was quite a challenge.  I finally settled on "Annie", "Avery" and "Josie" to fill in some shade gaps in my nail polish collection. The mini polishes were packaged in a small black box and my three individual color choices were packaged in a larger black if they were pre-packaged! 

Here's the whole group with the mystery box minis in the front row and my three picks in the back row.

At .25 oz., Zoya minis are half the size of a regular bottle of polish. From left to right, I received "Severine", a stunning satin gold, "Anais", a cool toned dark purple and "Charlotte", a versatile light beige neutral. I was pleased that this mystery box contained three beautiful and highly wearable shades.

The three full size shades that I chose are "Annie", a saturated coral-orange with strong gold shimmer and a bit of green duochrome. This is intense but is very much a seasonal trend that was impossible to ignore. It definitely gets me out of my comfort zone. In the middle is "Avery", a blond-beige cream with a bare hint of pink. This is very pretty but I might not have chosen it if I'd known that the "Charlotte" mini, also a cool neutral, was coming. My third pick was "Josie", a full-coverage grassy green. The photo doesn't represent the color very well; it's much less bright and has more gray to it. This is probably my favorite of the whole group and I think will transition well into Spring.

So there you have the results of Zoya's "Mystery Mini Trio" promotion. They seem to run this particular promotion about twice a year. It pays to keep an eye on their social media pages for other flash promos and special buys on seasonal collections. 
It's worth mentioning that Zoya has a nice points system that can work to your benefit if you shop on their site occasionally. I wasn't even aware of this until I stumbled across my points balance while updating my address. Turns out I have more than 600 points accumulated! (Only a few of those are from actual purchases. Most of them resulted from Facebook or Birchbox posts or were just given as bonus points.) These can be redeemed for various things like free shipping and other rewards.

Can you narrow your favorite Zoya shade down to just one?  I dare you!


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