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Something Snacks Valentine's Box Review, February 2015 + $3 Discount Code!

This is just my second month for Something Snacks so I'm still getting a feel for their boxes.  If you missed my initial review which contains all the subscription details, click here.  So far, I would say that their snacks are more on the high end, but also somewhat familiar.  This is not a box that sends a lot of weird (sometimes barely edible) foreign snacks.  There are snacks from other countries but nothing too questionable.

For February, Something Snacks followed the Valentine's theme and included 7 treats plus one special gift, most of which relate to the holiday in some way...lots of berries, chocolate and general redness!

Something Snacks might be the only snack company that sends a flyer showing a featured snack of the month and pictures of the other items.  To me, these information flyers make the difference between a bunch of snacks randomly tossed into a box and a thoughtfully curated subscription. 

This chocolate covered strawberry rose was a most appreciated and unexpected V-Day gift!  It isn't mentioned in the brochure so I think it's just a sweet holiday surprise from Something Snacks.  

More sweetness arrived in this package of Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Emily's.  These candies use dried strawberries dipped in chocolate.

The featured snack for February's box is this "stroopwafel" called Amsterdam! Good Cookies. These are freshly baked waffle cookies that are shipped directly from The Netherlands.  I have had versions of these in other sub boxes and have found that they are particularly good with hot drinks.

If it were up to me, this box of Chocolat Classique Truffles from Canada would have been the featured snack for February!  Is there anything more associated with Valentine's Day than delicious dark chocolate truffles?  Hey, Something Snacks...if you want to feature these EVERY month, fine with me!

I wasn't a big fan of biscotti until they started arriving in various snack subscription boxes. I've come to really like them dipped in cappuccino or hot chocolate.  This one is Cranberry White Chocolate flavor from Ms. Cotti.  (I have a neighbor with that last name who is a terrific baker.  Could she be moonlighting for this company? Ha!)

This very red bag contains Red Rice Crackers from Laiki.  These have only three ingredients, wholegrain red rice, palm oil and sea salt.  They are naturally gluten-free, vegan and allergen friendly.  If you're interested in trying these, use code TRYLAIKI to get 20% off your order on their website.

These Chocolate Wafer Bites from Dolcetto Petites are bite size crispy wafer cookies filled with molten chocolate....just the kind of thing I eventually track down and buy on Amazon! Very light, crispy and chocolaty.  

Last is this Strawberry Coconut Cashew "Super Premium Food Bar" from Off the Farm. More deliciousness in another very red package.

That's all for February's Something Snacks box.  I thought they did a great job of capturing Valentine's Day with this group of snacks.

Something Snacks will be bringing us a "Green Box" for March.  They are taking orders for this box now so if you're interested, use code TRY3GIFT for $3 off your order.  Plans are either $9 or $10 per month, depending on the term you choose, plus $3 shipping.  Because these are all premium snacks, I think the price is quite reasonable for what you get.  Who can't use a few deluxe snacks each month?

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