Monday, February 9, 2015

Zockster Sock Subscription Review + 20% Discount Code!

You might think that socks made out of bamboo would be a bit....scratchy? Reedy? Buoyant? Ha...well, none of the above are true.  Zockster socks are all made from bamboo and the result is an extraordinary sock with a real quality feel.  Don't ask me how they do this.  (There's an image in my head of a guy feeding 12 ft. bamboo poles into a machine and packs of beautiful socks emerging from the other end!)  

In case you're wondering why anybody would want socks made out of bamboo, the site is happy to inform you that the fabric is soft like cashmere, moisture wicking, odor resistant and antibacterial.  They are also eco-friendly.  Zockster is not one of the wildly patterned silly sock sites.  These are serious socks with a narrow range of classic patterns in shades of black, gray, green and white.  

Zockster socks are available via subscription or a one time purchase.  They have socks for men and women and you can also order gift packs.  For subscriptions, you can have socks shipped every month, every other month or every quarter.  If you choose a subscription, you get a 12% discount off the regular price of the socks which all come in 2 or 3 packs for $16.00.  Shipping is always free.

At present, it looks like there are six patterns of socks to choose from.  For both men and women, the solid black socks and the ankle socks come in packs of three.  The argyle, grey and striped socks all come in packs of two.  I decided to try a one time order for the solid black socks, the striped socks and the argyle socks. They arrived in a stuffed poly vinyl mailer.

Each pack of socks was wrapped in green tissue...a detail I appreciated.

There is a notice about their earth-friendly packaging and a flyer encouraging subscription.

Each pair or trio of socks is wrapped in a cardboard band.  You can see the color theme that is consistent across their brand.

The black and gray striped socks have green heels and toes.

There were three pairs of solid black socks with green heels and toes.

And finally, a great looking argyle pattern in black and gray with green accents.

These socks are so comfortable on the feet!  They have a luxurious feel that is superior to all cotton socks.  The labels describe the fabric content as 85% bamboo and 15% spandex so there is plenty of stretch to fit most foot sizes.  I also noticed that the seams through the toes are very subtle so they aren't likely to cause annoyance or chafing.

I am quite impressed with the quality of Zockster socks.  They would make a terrific gift for almost anyone.  If you're interested in purchasing a few pairs or signing up for a subscription, use the code LUVSOCKS to get 20% off your order or subscription.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by this treat for your feet!


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