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SporkPack Kitchen Gadgets & Treats Review, February 2015 + 20% Discount Code!


There aren't too many kitchen subscription services available.  One that I've subscribed to for a while now is SporkPack.  Their boxes typically contain an assortment of kitchen gadgets, cooking tools and snacks.  As someone with a fully stocked kitchen, I've been pleasantly surprised with the gadgets and tools I've received from SporkPack.  They've almost all been unusual or specific use items that I did not already own.  A few (like the one-handed pepper grinder) have become necessities!

At present, SporkPack offers three subscription plans.  They have a 10% discount available for any of the plans which you can get when you sign up on their site. (See below for an additional 20% discount on your first month.)

Recurring one month - $29.95 + $6.00 S&H (regular $33.30)
Recurring three month - $26.95 + $6.00 S&H per mo. (regular $29.95)
Recurring six month - $19.95 + $6.00 S&H per mo. (regular $22.20)

Each box contains 4 to 8 items with a total retail value averaging $40 or more.  My February box contained six items, including a gadget, a tool and four edible items. Normally, there is an information card in the form of a menu that tells what's in the box and its retail price; however, that was missing from my box this month.

The "elephant in the room" of course is the tall white thing.  I had no clue what this was and was afraid to ask.  (This is where an information card would have really helped.) I did a little detective work and discovered that this is the Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0 which retails for $14.99.  The idea is to put fresh herbs in the pod with some water in the bottom, then store it in your refrigerator door. This triples the life of fresh herbs.  The pod has a hinged door which allows easy access to whatever is in side.  I watched a video on Prepara's site where the chef demonstrated the Herb Savor Pod using green onions. Bingo! That's the first way I plan to use this since I'm constantly having to throw away green onions that have died in the vegetable drawer or dice them up and freeze them so as not to lose them.  You can also put aromatic herbs in the pod and just set it on the kitchen counter with the door slightly open to add fragrance to the room.  This is SUCH a cool product and something I'm guessing most of us didn't know about.  Great pick SporkPack!

Next is a big container of Nongshim Premium Noodle Soup.  It says "Shin Black" and "Spicy Pot-au-feu flavor" on the front.  This looks like a lot but the nutrition label indicates that it's just one serving.  Judging from the picture, it's a spicy noodle soup with mushrooms in it.  

Next is the really oddly packaged Hong Sam Won Korean Red Ginseng Drink.  I don't see any way to consume this directly without making a mess so I guess you just pour it in a glass. This drink is made in Korea; I think it's basically their version of an energy shot.

This Swizzle Straw comes from Prepara, the same company that made the Herb Savor Pod. The package contains two sturdy reusable straws with little paddles at the bottom. This is good for iced coffee or tea; no spoon needed.   

There is a single serve package of White Cheddar popcorn chips from Popcorners.  

The final product in the box is a 6.4 oz. can of White Truffles and Porcini from Urbani Truffles. Here again, an information card is really needed.  This is a sauce that comes from Italy and the instructions say to heat it and pour it on toast, add it to pasta or drizzle it over meat or fish.  

So that's everything in February's SporkPack.  I wasn't crazy about the food items this month but the herb pod and swizzle straws are quite unique and useful.  I'm happy to try anything that will extend the life of fresh herbs and some vegetables.

If you're interested in trying SporkPack, use code NEWFRIENDS for a 20% discount off your first month. I'm not sure how long this deal will last so if you're interested, take advantage of this soon.  SporkPack does a very good job of sourcing interesting kitchen products that are sure to please any foodie!

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