Friday, July 4, 2014

Wantable Makeup Box Review June 2014 + eBates 10% Cash Back

Wantable has three separate subscription boxes available--makeup, accessories and intimates.  You may have read my reviews of their last two accessories boxes but this one concerns their June makeup box.  At $36 per month (or $40 for a one time purchase), their makeup boxes are pricier than some other cosmetic subscription services. That is somewhat justified because they send premium brands and there is more customization involved.

My first shipment came in the same box that is used for Wantable Accessories.

The packing slip inside showed the preferences I indicated when I first signed up. They use the same system of "Love", "Like" and "Dislike" that is used with the Accessories boxes.  As you can see, the words fair, complexion products, highlighter, blush, lip color and nail polish appear under "Love" for me and warm, cool, eyeliner, lash product and bronzer appear under "Like".  "Dislikes" for me are brows, eye shadow and tools.

I received four full size items. As you'll see below, they did a very good job of choosing products that reflected my choices. You can change your preferences at any time and I've read that the curation is quite sensitive to your updates....a really nice feature!

The first item in my makeup box is a Straight Up Color Lipstick from Liptini.  This is in the shade Pink Champagne, which is a gorgeous deep rose pink color....just what I would have chosen myself!

The second item is a Glam Natural Mascara in Black.  This one retails for $28.  I am not familiar with Glam Natural but the packaging is sophisticated and the product looks quite luxe.  My only issue is the color. Makeup sub boxes almost always send black mascaras since they suit most people.  But that means a lot of black mascaras accumulate in your makeup drawer if you subscribe to several boxes.  I wish they allowed for some color customization as there are only so many black mascaras anyone needs!

The next product is a pressed powder compact from Vincent Longo that retails for $28. The shade is Golden Banana #2...weird name but it's perfect for my complexion! Very few beauty boxes send full size pressed powders for some reason (perhaps because customization is necessary) so I'm really happy to get this.

Finally, I received a full size nail polish from Spellbound that retails for $14.  This is a deep classic red in the shade "Omen".  (At first I thought it said "Owen", so that's always how I'm going to think of this!)  I would never pay $14 for a bottle of nail polish so it's really nice to have a chance to try a high end brand.  Oddly enough, I have very few true reds in my collection so this one does not duplicate anything.

So I received $78 worth of product for $36...not bad at all!  Keep in mind that you are paying a little more here for full sizes, high end brands and customization.  Because of all that, I'm a happy camper and won't be returning anything in this box.

By the way, here's a great Harry Winston (jeweler to the stars) quote that was in the box:  "People will stare. Make it worth their while."  Good for all of us to remember!

If you'd like to sign up for the Wantable Makeup box, you can get 10% cash back by signing up through eBates.  There aren't a lot of other discounts around for Wantable boxes but be sure to check Groupon for any deals that may be current at the time you sign up.

While I'm on the subject of Wantable, I just received my July Accessories box.  It's quite a different story from the June box, so stay tuned!


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