Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wantable Accessories Box Review, July 2014 + 10% Cash Back!

You might remember that I ended up returning my entire Wantable Accessories box for June.  I discussed my reasons for that in my last review and am happy to report that the return process was painless and the refund prompt.  The arrival of my July Accessories box gave me renewed confidence that this company really does pay attention to your profile choices and adjusts accordingly if and when anything is returned.

Wantable uses a "Love", "Like" and "Dislike" system to determine what types of items to send.  You may get things reflecting your "loves" and "likes", but you won't get anything classified as a "dislike".  My "loves", as determined by the initial questionnaire are "classic, earrings, watches, sunglasses and scarves".  My "likes" are bracelets, necklaces, rings, silver tone, gold tone and multi tone".    

July's box contains a necklace, two pairs of earrings, a watch and a pair of sunglasses. How's that for paying attention to your customer's wishes?  I get the feeling that a real person is directly involved in the selection for each box and that each box is custom curated.

First is the absolutely beautiful gold "Ellie" necklace.  It is quite delicate and features small pierced gold balls strung along its length.  This necklace could be paired with absolutely anything from special occasion to ultra casual. Definitely something I would have picked up for myself! (Retail $16)

Next are two pairs of small stud earrings.  The smallest pair has milky white, almost opalescent, stones and the slightly larger pair are small textured or embossed gold circles. These are sophisticated and unobtrusive and will make great staples. (Retail $12)


I have come to really enjoy fashion watches since you rarely have to worry about damaging or losing them. Because they are inexpensive, it's possible to own quite a few and be able to accessorize your wardrobe more closely than you can with expensive watches. Wantable included a beautiful silver and gold metal bracelet watch in this box. It has a large clear dial with gold numbers and accents with rhinestones swirling across the top and bottom.  There is a hinge on each side of the band making this watch very easy to get on and off and adjustable to fit any size wrist.  I love not having to fool with a strap and how very comfortable this watch is on my wrist! (Retail $27)


The last item is a big pair of Nicole Richie-esque "bug-eye" sunglasses.  These have a pretty color combination of tortoiseshell and teal blue with gold accents on the earpieces. They have good UV protection and block out all the two main requirements for sunglasses.  (Retail $18)

These items are all very nice quality and closely reflect my style and aesthetic preferences as indicated in the quiz. Their system seems to "learn" from any returns and makes adjustments that result in improvements or closer matches in future boxes.

The combined retail value of this box is $73, just about double the subscription price of $36.  I am very pleased with the assortment here and especially with the meticulous curation....GREAT job Wantable!

If you decide to try any of the three Wantable subscription boxes (Makeup, Intimates or Accessories), be sure to sign in through eBates to get 10% cash back on all orders. (Each of the subscriptions is $36 per month; but if you just want a one time box, the price is $40.)

There is a reason Wantable is getting such great buzz; I encourage you to check them out!

What do YOU want?


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