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Eco Emi Earth Friendly Products Subscription Box Review, July 2014

Of all the subscription box companies, Eco Emi just might be the one that set the standard for attractive and creative packaging.  I've been a subscriber almost from the beginning and every box still feels like a little birthday present with lots of small things to unwrap inside.  Eco Emi items can include cosmetics, cleaning products, edibles, bath & body products or anything else that meets their eco-friendly requirements..  

Eco Emi's regular monthly lifestyle box contains 7 or 8 products.  Payment is recurring with discounts for longer term subscriptions. They don't do discounts or promo codes but you can get some savings through multi-month subscriptions.

Regular monthly price:  $15
3 month subscription:  $14 per month, total $42
6 month subscription:  $13 per month, total $78
12 month subscription:  $12 per month, total $144

They also offer one time purchase Custom boxes for $10.  These contain four items that you choose from their list of available products.

Eco Emi periodically offers themed Special Edition boxes.  There was a Spring Cleaning special edition box (not sure if it's still available) and there is an upcoming one featuring baby produts.

Sometimes extra monthly boxes are for sale individually, although I think the price is a bit higher than the subscription pricing.

July's Eco Emi box contained a number of interesting items packaged in multi-colored chevron striped tissue paper.  

They always include an information card with occasional special discount offers from some of their vendors and/or informational brochures and business cards.  Among other things this time, there is a promo code ECO-EMI which gets 20% off any order at, a vegan cosmetics bath & body site which provided one of the full size products in this box.  Another promo code is ecoemi2014, which is good for 20% off any purchase at, a site that sells all sorts of wellness products and remedies.  

The first product in the box is a small bag of essential oil bath salts.  The scent is not listed but since the picture on the front of the tag is lavender, I assume that's what it is.  This product is actually hand-made by an Etsy vendor. I believe this is the first time I've seen an Etsy product in an Eco Emi box.  Really hope they continue that trend!

The one full size product in the box is a "Diva Stix" in Black Kohl from The All Natural Face.  This is a hefty looking crayon eyeliner; nice product but wish we'd had a color choice!

There is a small "Tropical" cookie from Caveman Cookies which contains almond meal, honey, coconut, macadamia nuts and ginger.  A small vial of Bug-A-Boo insect repellant from Wellinhand came attached to an information card.  This one is in the Vanilla Rosemary scent.

Next are two individually packaged Aquatowels, "the premium personal towel for your hands, face and body".  These portable towels are multi-purpose and can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator before use.

A small pot of "BeeUtifully Organic After Sun Cooling Lotion with Coconut Oil" is included. I'm leery of this one because it has a very odd appearance.  It looks like a clear liquid with an oval-shaped gelatinous mass floating in it.  Reminds me of the pods in the movie "Cocoon"!  Not sure I'll be using this at all.  (Really looks like the form has degraded into something it was not intended to be.)

The last item is a foil package containing one ounce of Organic Cold Brew Coffee by Cool Bean Perks.  The flavor is "Organic Guatemalan".  This makes a smooth and tasty cup of iced coffee...another first for an Eco Emi box, I believe!

That's all for July's box.  As you can see, they crammed a lot in this small box....I really enjoy the variety you get in Eco Emi's boxes.  Of course, you're also being introduced to healthy and earth-friendly products that you might not otherwise have tried.

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