Monday, July 21, 2014

Treatsie Artisan Sweets Subscription Box Review, July 2014 + Discounts & Promo Codes!

If you've read my reviews describing my dog's reaction to the arrival of various pet subscription boxes....well, the same pretty much applies to me when Treatsie boxes show up at my door.  Instant day brightener!  Treatsie sends beautifully curated boxes of artisan sweets crafted by small independent confectioners.  Aside from indulging in delicious sweets, I always like the idea of supporting small businesses so that's another plus.

Treatsie's monthly plan is $15.00 plus 4.95 for shipping and handling. That is a bargain, during the summer especially, since they go to great lengths to package their products (particularly chocolate) properly to protect them from the heat.  My last two Treatsie boxes arrived sandwiched in the midst of thick radiant cooling envelopes with ice packs included.  Despite temperatures in the mid 90's, the chocolate inside was in perfect condition!

Treatsie also has a new Chocolate Bar Subscription which includes five or six full size gourmet chocolate bars from a different small batch vendor each month.  This service is $39.00 + 6.95 S&H.  This price is a bit steep but if you're interested, you can get your first box for half price, using the promo code CHOCOBOX50 at checkout.  I haven't tried this one yet myself so if anyone can tell us about it, please comment below.

The July Treatsie box (called "The Sweets Subscription") contained six items attractively packaged in brown crinkle shreds and mint green tissue paper.  

Most prominent in this box are three all natural 2.5 oz. chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolates.  The retail price on these is $3.50 each.  These are beautifully and colorfully packaged and the flavors included are:
  • Milk Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Total Toffee - Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar Loaded With Toffee
  • Dark Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar     
These look wonderful but I do have a suggestion for Treatsie regarding chocolate.  In my experience, many people strongly prefer either dark chocolate or milk chocolate...often, not both. If Treatsie could add just enough customization to their site to allow users to express a chocolate preference, I think that would greatly increase satisfaction with their boxes.  I'm a dark chocolate fan myself so I always have to give away anything that is primarily milk chocolate.  In this case, I will devour the dark chocolate bar and find another home for the two milk chocolate bars.  But that's just me!

Next are two cute little bags containing three caramels each from the Shotwell Candy Co. (in Memphis, TN, I believe) One bag has "Old Fashioned Cocktail Caramels" and the other has "Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels".  Since I love anything with espresso flavoring, I tried one of the latter first. You can actually taste and feel the tiny crushed up espresso beans. Oh my...all I can say is YUM!  

The last item is a repeat from February's Treatsie box.  At that time, it was called "Love Mix" but now it's been customized and re-named "Treatsie Variety Mix".  These are just fruit flavored hard candies with cute little pictures on them...very similar to the ribbon candy you get at Christmas.  They are attractive but not my favorite item for a gourmet sweets box.  These are hand made by Raley's Confectionary in Tallahassee, FL.

Overall, I'm happy with July's Treatsie box.  I do hope they'll add one or more customization options at some point but there's no doubt that the value is there for now.  

Treatsie has some very generous promo codes available for first time subscribers.  At the time of this post, the codes below worked.  Also, I think if you click on any of the highlighted Treatsie links in this post, you can also get your first box for free. (Someone please tell me if that is not the case.)
  • FRBUCOEM01 gets $15 off your first order (just pay shipping)
  • FRBUCO01 gets first box for free
  • WELCOME44 gets $10 off your first order 
  • SUBSCRIBE5 gets $5 off your first order
If you have a serious sweet tooth like I do, I think you'll enjoy Treatsie!


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