Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Graze Healthy Snack Box Review, July 2014 + Promo Code for TWO Free Boxes!

The reason I haven't reviewed a Graze box in a while is because they disappear very quickly around here! By the time I think about doing a review, most of the snacks are gone. The whole point of Graze is to provide you with portion controlled trays full of healthy snacks.  These trays can be removed from the box individually and are very easy to take along in your purse or pocket.

Although you can't choose exactly what will be in your Graze box, there is the opportunity to customize by indicating your tastes and preferences on their site. They use a "Trash, Try, Like or Love" rating system and anything you rate as "Trash" won't be coming to your home. You can decide how often your Graze box is delivered...once a week or once every two weeks.

Graze is one of the two least expensive snack services out there. (The other is Nibblr, which I've recently reviewed.)  At only $6.00 per box (shipping included), the value is quite high considering the quality of the snacks. 

Graze boxes are made of plain recyclable cardboard with striking art work. That was especially true of my most recent box which features the American flag on the front with their new "Snacking Re-Invented" logo.

Inside the cover is a photo of some luscious looking blueberries.

Since I've been receiving and rating Graze boxes for a while now, the selections that I receive pretty closely reflect the preferences I've indicated on their site.  It's rare that I get anything I really don't like, although I definitely get a few snacks that are completely new to me.  Since I have "Trashed" a lot of the choices now, I am starting to get some repeats of things I like.  There are two repeats in this box.

The four snacks this time include:

  • Brownie Flapjacks - Graze has a lot of "flapjack" products which are oat bars featuring various ingredients. These have brownie pieces in them.  Quite filling and GREAT tasting!
  • Punchy Protein Nuts - Chili lime cashews with pistachios and almonds.  Chile lime seasoning is often too intense for me but with these it's actually pretty mild, so they are quite tasty.
  • Toffee Apple - This is a repeat....dried apples with toffee sauce.  A very good combination that doesn't go far enough!
  • Herby Bread Basket - Another repeat that consists of basil baguettes, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers.

Graze has an unbeatable deal for new customers.  Use code 29MRQJ1MP to get your first box for free.  If you remain as a subscriber, you will also get your fifth box for free.  

Now I'm ready to stop writing and start snacking!


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