Friday, February 21, 2014

The Organically Green Soap Company February 2014 Review

The Organically Green Soap Company is a soap-of-the-month club that sends you one full size bar of organic all-natural hand crafted soap each month.  According to their site, their soaps are highly moisturizing, biodegradable, have a 100% vegetable base, have no artificial colors and are not tested on animals.  

I must have lucked out and signed up in the right month because I received a big bar of "Royal Wedding Soap".  The soap arrived wrapped in pink tissue tied with raffia inside a pink organza bag which was inside a small white box.  Also included was an information sheet which lists ingredients, a brief history and health benefits.

This gorgeous soap is a pale pink square bar with a raised crown on the top.  It measures about 3-1/4" square. It is scented with rose essential oil, giving it a heavenly (royal?) scent.  The scent might be a little strong for some people but I love it.  The soap is supposed to last four to six weeks.   

I do have an issue with this soap.  The information flyer says that the soap is twice the size of their regular soaps and weighs 10-12 ozs.  I weighed this soap on two different postal scales and it weighs just slightly over 6 ozs.  I don't know if that was a misprint, if I've misunderstood something or if I just got the runt of the litter.  It IS a big soap, but nowhere near 10-12 ozs.

There is another small problem.  Prominently featured on their home page is the statement "Subscribe to the Soap-of-The-Month Club and we'll also send you samples galore!"  There were no samples in my shipment and I've heard the same complaint from a couple of other subscribers.  

The Organically Green Soap Company allows a limited number of subscriptions each month.  (As of the time of this writing, the 21st of February, their site says there are only 6 spots left. I'm not sure if they are referring to February or March.)  Their boxes are shipped out on the 20th of each month. To get that month's soap, you must be signed up by the first of that month.  Orders after the first of the month are shipped the next month.  I mention this because the lead time for your first soap can be quite a while.

The basic plan is $6.50 a month for one bar of soap.  You can also get two bars of soap for $12 or three for $15.  There are multi-month plans for 3 months, 6 months and one year (1 soap), one year (2 soaps) and one year (3 soaps).  Just guessing but I bet the 3 for $15 is the most popular choice during the holiday season!  You can also buy all of the above plans as gifts.

Since I am slightly intoxicated by the lovely rose scent wafting around my monitor and keyboard, I feel a bath coming on. Can't wait to see what comes next month!

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PolishedPortland said...

I have my eye on Saffron Rouge Inner Circle right now. Have you tried that? This post made me think of it because it's also organic-only products.

Polished Portland

Lone Star Shopper said...

No, I hadn't heard of Saffron Rouge. Thanks for letting me know....I will check them out!