Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nibblr February 2014 Review + First Box Free!!

Nibblr offers a subscription snack service that is a little different from others I have tried. Each box delivers four small pre-portioned snacks in individual trays.  You don't get to choose your snacks but Nibblr uses a rating system that lets them get to know you over time and refine the choices to fit your tastes.  When you browse the snacks on the site, you'll have the ability to rate every snack as "Love It, "Like It", "Interested" or "No Thanks".  Initially, the rating for every snack is "Interested".  When you sign up, you can rate the snacks according to your own tastes.  Snacks that you rate as "Love It" will be sent most frequently and snacks that you rate "Not Interested" will not be sent. You don't have to rate all the snacks but the more you rate, the better your chances of getting snacks you really like.

Nibblr allows you flexibility in delivery frequency.  You can choose to have a box delivered every week, every other week or once per month.  Shipping is free and you can cancel at any time.  The price depends on how many boxes you purchase at one time:

  • 1 box is $5.99 per box ($5.99 total)
  • 4 boxes is $5.75 per box ($23.00 total)
  • 12 boxes is $5.50 per box ($66.00 total)

Each snack comes in a small sealed tray, with four trays to a box.  Each tray weighs around 1.20 oz. and is labeled with the name and a brief description on the front and a full nutrition label on the back.  The trays lift out individually so you can easily drop them in your purse or backpack and take them with you.  

The four snacks contained in my first Nibblr box were:  "Fall to Pieces", "Turtle Twist", "Bruschetta" and "Dutch Choco-Crispers".  These definitely reflected the ratings that I gave when I first signed up....no unpleasant surprises!  You can find a full description and nutrition information on every snack on Nibblr's website as well as an overall rating by their customers.  I liked all of these (especially the Bruschetta) but found out very quickly that you can easily consume the entire tray in just one sitting....so plan ahead when you order!

I really like the flexibility this company gives its customers, both in snack choice and delivery options.  And you really can't beat the price and diversity of their products unless you're buying wholesale.


If you decide to sign up for Nibblr, you'll have an opportunity to enter a referral code during the simple registration process.  Please use my code, 2745, and you will receive a free box. The price you pay starts with the second box and depends on the number of boxes and delivery frequency you choose.  

I've been very happy with Nibblr's service so far.  If you've tried it, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading!


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PolishedPortland said...

I have a subscription to graze, which looks very similar. You get four little snacks like the nibblr ones pictured in your post. When I opened my first box, I was disappointed by the small size, but everything tasted SO GOOD that I will definitely keep getting this subscription. And now I'm tempted to try nibblr! graze is also $6/box.

Lone Star Shopper said...

I have a Graze box review coming up soon and you're absolutely right....they look very similar and are close competition for each other. I have a feeling that the service that allows customers the most control over what they receive will win in the end. Thanks so much for reading! Cheryl