Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taste Trunk (Sweet Trunk) February 2014 Review + 25% Promo Code!!

It is a VERY good thing that I took photos of this box when it first arrived.  Otherwise, the contents would never have survived the next few days and I couldn't have shown you the delectable box I received from this company!  Taste Trunk is a monthly food subscription service that provides unique curated "trunks" which cater to four different tastes.  You can choose the Sweet Trunk (which I did), the Gourmet Trunk, the Health Trunk (which I may need after this month) or the BBQ Trunk.  They also have a Mini Sweet Trunk and a Mini Healthy Sweet Trunk. You can change your theme at any time.

My almost three pound box arrived 13 days after I placed my first order.  The price for each of the full sized trunks is $29.99 plus S&H.  (The mini trunks are $13.99 plus S&H.)  For me, this worked out to $34.99.  Since I do a lot of shipping for my own business, I am well aware of how much a box of this weight costs to ship, so was even more impressed at the quantity and size of items contained in this box.  

My "Sweet Trunk" arrived in a cardboard box that is realistically printed to look like an old wooden trunk, complete with a gold wax seal inside the lid!  The box contained a mouth-watering assortment of gourmet sweet treats:

A charming brown paper sack printed with vintage classified ads contained a set of 5 cards, one for each of the vendors represented in the box.  Each card tells about the maker and gives information about the ingredients they use. 

The biggest item in the box was a 6 oz. package of chocolate caramels by "Le Caramel". Inside are 30 individually wrapped chocolate chews; very tasty and fairly harmless calorie-wise if you can limit yourself to just a couple! Also included is a package of "French Almond Cakes" by Donsuemor.  These are hefty almond flavored cookies that have fluted sides, as if they were baked in miniature pie molds.

Next are the "Shortbread & Caramel Milk Chocolate Squares" by Clairesquares.  I couldn't resist one of these for my first indulgence.  It's an absolutely decadent combination of buttery shortbread with a caramel center, then topped by a thick layer of Belgian milk chocolate.  I don't even like milk chocolate but I LOVED this! Then there is a very cute tin containing individually wrapped hard candies in the flavor "d'Anjou Pear & Cinnamon".  Kind of a weird flavor combination but they are o.k.

The next item is a 16 oz. Raspberry White Chocolate scone mix by Sticky Fingers Bakeries.  Looks like all you have to do is add water, mix, drop by spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and bake.  The information card for this company provides serving suggestions as well as a recipe for a lemon glaze.  Can't wait to try these! The last item in the box is a "Crispycake--Cookies & Cream" package by The Crispery.  This is a decadent version of Rice Krispy Treats...very soft and gooey with a chocolate sandwich cookie center.  This treat is one gigantic hunk of goodness so I just cut off a piece in the size I wanted to eat. good!      

My get your money's worth with this subscription.  I really liked the obvious care taken with the selection in this trunk and especially the food quality of each item.  My only dilemma is whether to continue purchasing the Sweet Trunk or to indulge my curiosity in the Health Trunk, which would be my second choice.  The site makes it easy to switch back and you can try them all over time, if you wish.

By the way, a subscription to the Taste Trunk would make a wonderful gourmet gift. They offer finite term subscriptions of 3 months, 6 months and one year at $99, $195 and $380, respectively.  If you would like to try Taste Trunk, they have given me a generous 25% off promo code for new customers:  Lonestarshopper25.  

I know it sounds like this review was compensated in some way....I promise it was not!  My first Taste Trunk was truly a great product (and experience) for a very fair price.  They do a wonderful job of curation and presentation so this is a subscription I plan to continue.  

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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