Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boxycharm February 2014 Review

Most of the reviews I've found for Boxycharm show the name as two separate words, which does seem logical.  However, they present it as one word on their site so I'll stick with that. Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that I believe is fairly new.  Their website strikes me as somewhat undeveloped, although completely functional for starting a new subscription.

Boxycharm sends 5 or 6 full size or luxury size samples each month for a subscription price of $21.00. Shipping is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.  They feature well known brands like NARS, Model Co., Mirabella, Be A Bombshell, NYX, Essie, Ofra, Lash Card, etc. Judging from my first box, I'd say their presentation is very similar to Glossy Box, just slightly less elegant.  

My February shipment arrived in a black box tied with a pink grosgrain ribbon.  It was filled with hot pink crinkles (what IS the correct term for those things?) and an explanation card on top.  Underneath five cosmetic items were packaged in pale pink tissue sealed with a big "Sweet Heart" foam sticker...a nice touch!

The five items I received and their retail prices were:

  1. A pair of false eyelashes by Eyelashi - $9.00
  2. Pandora's Makeup Box blush - $18.00
  3. NARS nail polish in "Storm Bird" - $19.00
  4. Mirabella Eye Definer in Bronze - $19.00
  5. Mirabella La La Lips Velvet Lip Pencil in "Love" - $23.00
Although I don't use false eyelashes myself, the Eyelashi lashes are really beautiful and come in one of the cutest boxes I've ever seen.  It has a little pull out drawer with a ribbon tab.  I'm not knowledgeable about false eyelashes but I thought it a little strange that no lash glue was included.  Perhaps that's more common than I thought?

I was really excited about getting a high end nail polish like NARS, but why on earth did they send an almost-black color in a spring box?  I would have been much happier with anything less Goth-looking!

The Mirabella Eye Definer looks like a very nice quality pencil although I'm not crazy about the bronze color. I think it would be o.k. if used as a highlight color along with a more neutral color.  

The Mirabella lip pencil is very creamy and moisturizing and produces a satin finish. "Love" is an intense red color with just a hint of pink to it.

The Pandora's Box blush is my favorite item in this box.  It is in an adorable little container with a magnetic closure on the lid.  There is a lift out depression if you want to put the pan in a larger palette.  I don't see a color name on the box but the one I got is a really pretty bubblegum pink color.  

All of the products were full size this month.  The caliber of brands that Boxycharm includes in their boxes is impressive.  One issue I think they should address is the lack of any kind of customization.  So far, there is no quiz when you sign up to help them tailor products and colors to your preferences. Of the five products I received, four are colors that are really not "right" for me.  But since they are all great brands, I will have no hesitation in using them for gifts.
So I received a total retail value of $88.00....for $21.00.  Even with the typically inflated retail prices, that's still a great deal as far as I'm concerned.

Have you tried Boxycharm yet?  If so, please let me know what you thought!

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makeupblogger said...

Our opinions do match up pretty well don't they! I love your blog, so pretty and well written!

Lone Star Shopper said...

That's very sweet of you....made my morning! Cheryl