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Nature Box Review February 2014 (Includes $10 Discount)

Nature Box is a healthy snack subscription service that sends you five nutritionist-approved snacks each month.  Their snacks are free of high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors and have 0g of trans fat.  

My first Nature Box arrive nine days after placing my order.  My first impression was that the outer box and snack bag presentation are almost identical to Boxtera (see my post of Feb. 3, 2014).  They are so similar in appearance (even the color scheme) and concept that one wonders if the same people are behind these two services?  

Right away, I noticed one BIG difference.  The Nature Box snack bags show the snack name on the front and have full nutritional information on the back.  I have a feeling that the lack of labeling on the Boxtera snacks is a side effect of a fast roll out of their service and a cost cutting measure.  Hopefully, they will take a cue from their competition and step up their bag labels in future boxes.

A really nice feature of Nature Box is that you can choose your own snacks.  Just browse their 100+ selections and choose those you want in your next box five days prior to the next billing date shown in the "Box Tracker" section of your dashboard. You also have an opportunity to indicate your own dietary needs and taste preferences so that your box can be customized for you if you don't choose your own snacks.  

Nature Box plan prices are as follows:

Smart Snacker (20 packages, 4 packages each of 5 snacks) - $49.95
Happy Snacker (10 packages, 2 packages each of 5 snacks) - $29.95
Nature Box Deluxe Package (5 packages, 1 package each of 5 snacks) - $19.95

If you see other snacks you'd like to try, you can add them to your upcoming box for $3 per bag.  You can pause or delay a delivery at any time.

So, let's munch!  First I tried the "Pistachio Power Clusters".  I loved these but at 12g of fat per 1/4 c., they aren't exactly low fat.  They are little squares packed with almonds, cashews and pistachios.  My only complaint is that there weren't enough of them in the bag...I could easily have polished off the entire bag in one sitting.  This is definitely one to repeat in a future bag!  

Next up is "Cherry Berry Bonanza", "a medley of dried cranberries, cherries and blueberries". These are just what the name says...a slightly sour, sticky and sweet treat.  For me, this one is a little intense to eat on its own.  I think it would be great sprinkled on cereal or oatmeal or mixed into yogurt.

The "Roasted Kettle Kernels" are a nice twist on regular corn nuts.  These are lightly toasted in honey...great juxtaposition of sweet and salty and you get a nice generous serving!

Then we have "Vanilla Macaroon Granola".  This has a mild vanilla smell and consists of rolled oats, coconut, almonds, honey and a few other seeds and spices.  It has a nice almond and coconut flavor.  At 10g fat per half cup, this is not a low fat snack but it is a tasty one!

Last is one of my favorite salty snacks..."Masa Crisps".  I have had these before which is why I requested them in my box.  These are similar in texture and fairly close in flavor to a Frito or Dorito but have the good-for-you benefit of flax seeds.  You really don't taste the flax seeds so this is a great way to get them in your system.  I love these and will definitely repeat them.

Since I had a hand in choosing these snacks, I really have no complaints.  They are all delicious and all items I would choose again for future Nature Boxes.

Because they are all so good, it's hard to rank order this group but here's my opinion:

1.  Masa Crisps
2.  Pistachio Power Clusters
3.  Roasted Kettle Kernels
4.  Vanilla Macaroon Granola
5.  Cherry Berry Bonanza

For comparison with other monthly snack services, here are my Pros and Cons:


1.  Opportunity to choose your own snacks...this is what really separates Nature Box from its competitors right now.
2.  Packages are clearly marked with name, ingredients and nutritional information
3.  Generous portions (except for the skimpy package of Pistachio Power Clusters that I received)
4.  Guilt-free snacking


I really have no complaints about this service.  They provide a fantastic product for the price charged.

If you would like to try Nature Box, use the code "share10off" for $10 off your first box. At that price, you really can't lose!

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