Saturday, February 22, 2014

Graze Box Review February 2014, Get 2 Free Boxes!

Graze is a healthy snack subscription service that offers a range of 90+ tasty combinations. Graze offers two box options, a "nibblebox" where you can choose from their entire range or a "caloriecounterbox" with calorie controlled portions with over 50 choices.  You can also exclude various mixes to meet certain dietary requirements.

In each box you get four snacks that come from a list you edit yourself.  Each snack mix is shown on the site with a "Trash", "Try", "Like" or "Love" button underneath. You will not be sent any item that you "Trash". The four selections that are in each box will be chosen from your "Try", "Like" and "Love" selections.  Once you have received a box, you can update your preferences on the site.

The Graze box is a slim cardboard box containing four snack trays.

The portion controlled trays remove individually from the box so they are easily portable.  The trays are not labeled with weight or nutritional information but that information is included on a leaflet that comes with the box.  Full nutrition information for each mix is also available on the site.

The four selections that I received were:
  • Sour Cream & Onion Cashews (Whole Nuts category)
  • Tropical Sundae (Pure Fruit category)
  • Florentine (A Touch of Chocolate category)
  • Texan Corn Salsa (Savory Selection)
I had ranked all of these as "Try" or "Like" when I signed up.  I did not receive anything that I "Trashed". They clearly made an effort to give me a good variety with one each from four different taste categories out of the ten that they offer.  

The sour cream and onion cashews were probably an oversight on my part.  Knowing my own tastes, I should have "Trashed" those. But if you like cashews and you like sour cream & onion flavor, you'll love them.

I really enjoyed the other three and have elevated them all to "Love" status on my account. They are all clearly made from quality ingredients.  I particularly liked the dark chocolate "buttons" in the Florentine mix.  The Texan Corn Salsa (corn chips, salsa almonds and roasted corn) is my favorite mix so far.

(My computer just crashed as I was writing this.  As it was struggling to come back alive, I was sitting here all alone with the Graze box.  Let's just say....there are no more chocolate buttons!)

Graze costs $6.00 per box and the boxes are shipped by the USPS.

Now for the REALLY good news!  When you sign up for Graze, you get your first and fifth boxes for free. You need an invite code for this, so if you'd like to use mine, it is:  29MRQJ1MP.  You can cancel at any time, even after the first free box.  (But you won't want to.)

Initially, you need to sign up for every other week delivery but after signing up, you can change your delivery frequency to either every week or every four weeks.  Graze is a new company and I believe the availability of various delivery frequencies depends on where you live. They currently deliver only to the continental U.S., including P.O. boxes.

If you've read my other recent posts, you probably realize that Graze is very similar to Nibblr, who I suspect is their closest competition.  If you've tried them both, please comment below and let me know who you prefer.

Happy snacking!


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