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GradBin Build A Box (One Time Purchase) Review + 25% Discount Code!

Do you ever find that you like the concept of a subscription service but wish you could pick and choose the specific items in the box?  Or have you considered gifting a box but don't want to commit to a subscription? One service that offers this flexibility is GradBin, a fun new college subscription service. (If you missed my December review, click here to catch up!)

Besides the regular monthly service, GradBin also offers a "build your own box" option which allows you to select items from their Grad Shop, fill your own box and ship it off to your favorite college student.  College students are a transient population, so timing is a factor in anything you send.  If it's nearing the end of a semester, a one time build your own box may make more sense than a subscription. 

The Grad Shop is stocked up with all sorts of treats, necessities and gifts such as granola, journals, beef jerky, note pads, chocolate and laundry supplies.  It's fun and easy to come up with your own mix of items that would appeal to your college student (or inner college student)! The items are all priced individually with most ranging from $2.95 to $9.95.

I recently had the opportunity to build my own GradBin.  The box is just like their subscription box except I knew what was inside before I opened it! 

You can build your own box to any size.  I chose five items, two of which I've tried before (and loved!) and three that were new to me.

GradBin has the cutest ceramic logo mug and spoon set.  This pair is very well made with the orange spoon color coordinating with the interior of the mug.  There are slots in the handle to hold the spoon when it's not in use. 

Another item I chose was a trio of Starbucks Refreshers Via Instant packets in Very Berry Hibiscus flavor. This is a delicious fruity drink made with green coffee extract and served cold with ice. The Grad Shop also has this available in Valencia Orange flavor.

I picked a green sticky note reminder pad with "TMI" at the top, plenty of space for my scribbles and a tiny check box at the bottom with "but thanks for sharing" next to it. This is cute and would be useful for anyone.  Just might keep it myself.

This packet of Granola Lab granola looks absolutely delicious!  It's called "Activation Energy" and contains coffee, dark chocolate and hazelnuts.  This has got to be the ultimate study snack.

My last item is another decadent treat, a package of Simply Salted Caramels from The Caramel House.  These are very tasty and with their pretty packaging, would make a wonderful addition to a gift box.

There is a small shipping fee for build a boxes that varies by the combined weight of the items you choose.  (They make every effort to keep shipping as low as possible; they want to keep your business!)

GradBin also offers several pre-built boxes which can be purchased in their shop on a one time basis.  These have different themes and sell for $24.95.  At the moment, they have a BusyBin, a FreshBin and a SweetBin.  You can also purchase the current month's box by itself if you like. There is a (very reasonable) $3.95 shipping fee for each of these boxes. 

The GradBin products that I've tried have all been of very good quality, the edibles have been delicious and the other items were useful and well made. The a la carte items are updated every couple of weeks and they do go out of stock pretty quickly so if you see something you want, better grab it while you can.

If you would like to build your own GradBin, use code LONESTAR for a 25% discount on pre-built or subscription boxes.  The code also works for build your own boxes of $20 or more. It goes without saying that these boxes are fun for anyone, not just college students!

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P.S.  GradBin now offers two subscription box sizes, the original with 5 to 7 items ($24.95 + $3.95 shipping) and the mini with 3 to 5 items ($19.95 + $3.95 shipping).

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