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Healthy Surprise Classic Box Review, February 2016 + GREAT Groupon deal!

The last time I tried Healthy Surprise was the summer of 2014.  I remember really liking the concept of the box but the price ($40 at the time) was too high to sustain for more than a couple of months. At $42.49 for the 15 snack Classic Box now, this is still a high priced box. So when I ran across a recent deal for $25 off that box (which sells for $49.99 as a one time gift), the time was right to try Healthy Surprise once more.  (See the final paragraph below for current discount details.)

Healthy Surprise boxes contain all natural snacks that may include bars, drinks, sweets, fruits, kale, veggies, chips, nuts, exotics or chocolate.  All snacks are gluten, GMO, soy, corn and wheat free.  Their subscription boxes are available in three sizes. The prices shown in parenthesis are what they cost if you buy them individually.

Classic Box (15 snacks) - $42.49 ($49.99)

Big Box (21 snacks) - $63.74 ($74.99)
Paleo Box (17 snacks) - $63.74 ($74.99)      

This is the Classic box, a pretty hefty two pounder that comes by USPS Priority mail.

Inside the lid was a "Be Our Healthy Valentine" note plus a very nice and unexpected surprise....a $25 gift card that can be used towards a Healthy Surprise subscription or gift!  

Underneath are all the goodies....17 in all, I believe!

Several of the items in the box came in pairs; same item, different flavor.  There are two fruit and nut Larabars, one is Key Lime Pie and the other is a Lemon Bar.

Another paired set is the two bags of apple chips from "bare", one is Great Granny and the other is Fuji Red.  The only ingredient on the label is apples. 

This is a .85 oz. bar of Almond Crunch stone ground chocolate by Taza Chocolate. It is described on the label as "dark chocolate with almonds and puffed rice".  My kind of chocolate!

Ho-hum....hummus.  This item has appeared in a lot of sub boxes.  It's traditional hummus dip by Wild Garden. I will never ever ever get excited about anything made with chickpeas! (sorry, Taylor)

Let's just get this one out of the way so I can move on to more pleasant snacks.  The only possible way I can think of to make seaweed snacks any worse is by adding chipotle! These SeaSnax will never be opened by me.

This interesting pair is from a brand called simply "Oloves".  These are pitted green olives, one flavored with basil and garlic and the other flavored with chili and oregano.  I've had these before; they are pretty good and interesting.

Baked snap peas are always welcome; they meet my salty and crunchy snack needs. These are called Peas Please and are in the flavor "Garden Herb".

You get a lot of Justin's Almond Butter in sub boxes; this one is Maple flavor.

This is a package of Purple Heirloom potato chips from Jackson's Honest.  They may be organic and all natural but they are loaded with fat so I'm sure they'll be great.

Here is a pair of "Pocket Snacks" from Eden.  One contains dry roasted pumpkin seeds; the other is a wild berry mix that contains all sorts of seeds and berries. These are probably the first two I'll reach for in this entire box!

There is a fruit strip from Stretch Island Fruit Co. in Harvest Grape flavor.  I love these; just wish there were more.

Here's a package of Kettle Chips with olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt from Good Health; again, lots of fat so probably considerable flavor.

The last item is a Mini Brownie from Coco-Roons.  I'm suspicious of this since it doesn't actually contain any chocolate.  

This box just went on and on!  There's no denying the quantity, quality or variety here. All the fruit based snacks appeal to me as well as the chips. There may be a few people out there who actually like seaweed snacks but I can't imagine they are too popular.  The major benefit of this box, of course, is just having a nice quantity of more or less healthy snacks lying around....with the hope that you'll pick one of them up instead of a Twinkie!

If you'd like to try Healthy Surprise, check their Facebook page for discounts.  Right now, there is a great Groupon deal available for the Classic Box (same size as reviewed above) for just $29 (basically a discount of $20.99 for a one time box).  I don't know how long that deal will be available but it is an excellent price for the quantity of healthy snacks you receive.  If they include the $25 gift card, it basically brings the price down to an unbeatable $4.  Stack your discounts by signing onto Groupon through eBates and get an additional 6% rebate on your purchase!

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