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Art Therapy by Hachette, Adult Coloring Subscription, February 2016

Like probably everybody, I spend WAY too much time on-line. So I've been looking for ways to diversify my interests.  Sometimes painting the fence in my back yard is the answer and other times a subscription box provides an unexpected solution. Such is the case with Art Therapy, an adult coloring subscription from Hachette, which is a French publishing company.  A few years ago, they expanded into the U.S. by acquiring Time Warner's book publishing operation. Hachette Partworks is part of that group and they specialize in art and creative collections.  That's probably much more than you want to know but I'm trying to grow here!

In case you're not aware, coloring books for adults have become a "thing" lately.  If you don't believe me, try typing "adult coloring" in Amazon's searchbox.  At the moment, that brings back 64,745 results.  Apparently I've been missing out as I haven't colored anything since about age 7! 

The way Art Therapy charges is complicated.  Their Terms & Conditions say:

  • You will receive your 1st shipment with 2 issues, pencil case, 6 pencils and 3 markers for FREE* ($2 shipping and handling).
  • You will receive your 1st shipment within 15 days from the acceptance of your order.
  • Approximately 4 weeks after your 1st shipment, you will receive and be billed for your 2nd shipping of 2 issues, with your FREE magazine tidybox and FREE XXL coloring poster for just $9.90 (plus $2 shipping and handling).
  • Thereafter, you will automatically receive and be billed for 4 new magazines issues and coloring supplies every month for only $19.80 (plus $4 shipping and handling).
It took more than six weeks for my first shipment to arrive.  I'm not sure that it ever would have arrived if I hadn't contacted them after five weeks. Once I did that, the package was in my mailbox within a few days. The original ad that I responded to said the first box was $4.95 but I was actually charged $6.95.  That sounds like $4.95 plus the $2.00 mentioned in the first bullet above. My order was clearly mishandled and the charges are very confusing. you'll see below, the value of the first box greatly exceeds what I paid, so I will pipe down for now! (Rest assured, I'm keeping an eagle eye on my credit card.)

The first shipment came in a good size poly mailer.

As promised, there was a nice big pencil case inside along with a package of colored pencils, a package of markers, 2 issues of Art Therapy and an introductory brochure.

The pencil case is a creatively decorated box with a magnetized lid.  It measures about 11.75" x 8" x 1.25".

Inside is a light green plastic tray that will hold about 35 pencils.

There are two Art Therapy issues and a color brochure that tells more about this service. The information guide explains the benefits of art therapy (feel inspired, enhance concentration, free your mind, spark creativity, relieve stress and reconnect with your inner child) and says that each issue comes with some tools to enhance the patterns. Over time, the idea is to build up a complete coloring set of pencils and markers.

The Art Therapy booklets are numbered.  Books 1 and 2 were included with this shipment. Each book has a Contents page that tells what you'll find inside.  There are lots of tips and design ideas and a number of full page designs in each book.  I was relieved to see at least one color-by-number design in Book 1.  If I'm going anywhere with this, that will be the kickstart I need!

Six colored pencils are included with Book 1, plus a pencil sharpener.  They are all labeled with the Art Therapy name and a color number which I assume will be useful once my pencil collection grows.

Book 2 provides different inspirational concepts (I like the idea of adapting some of these designs for the front of greeting cards).  The designs in this issue are Middle Eastern themed and there are some relaxation exercises to go along with them.

The tools that come with Book 2 are a set of three markers in deep blue, bright pink and vibrant orange.  

I must admit that I was skeptical about this subscription. But just skimming the contents of these books has already sparked some creative ideas in me...and I'm definitely no artist!  It is actually within the realm of possibility that this new hobby may get me off the computer for a little while each day.  That is a good thing!

If the thought of guided art therapy inspires you, click here to get started.  I wish I could provide a better explanation of the way Art Therapy charges but the bottom line is that what you will pay for this first shipment is very low; the idea being to get some basic tools and designs in your hands. After that, the price does go up.  By then, you should be in a better position to decide if art therapy works for you!

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