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The 3B Box (Asian Beauty Products) Review, September 2015

The 3B Box is all about making Asian beauty products more accessible to U.S. customers. Their name is derived from "Beauty Beyond Borders". Beauty mavens know that innovative new cosmetic products frequently originate in countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan but unless you have reason to travel there, those great products can be nearly impossible to find here.  The Asian reputation for high quality cosmetics is well deserved and several relatively new sub boxes make it possible for us to try them out.  

At just $12 per month, The 3B Box is probably the most affordable Asian beauty box around.  The boxes can include skincare, hair care, cosmetic or nail products. Typically, boxes contain 4 or 5 deluxe samples...sort of the Asian equivalent of Birchbox or Ipsy.

My first 3B Box arrived via USPS about two weeks after placing the order.  The goods were packaged in a custom folded piece of white cardboard.

The box was very loosely taped so the products were showing through on all four corners.  Miraculously, nothing fell out.  The box definitely needed more tape!

Inside are four beauty products, three of which look like full sizes.  They were packaged in a purple drawstring organza bag.

A very basic information card gives a few tips or bits of information about each item.

Here is the out-of-the-bag group shot:

The largest item is a tube of Aqua Therapy Hand Cream from Leaders Mediu. Although English was clearly not the first language of the packager, there is sufficient English labeling to let us know this is for moisturizing and that it contains organic olive oil.  The metal tube reminds me of French-packaged cosmetics that I've received in other boxes.

Do you know what a "lash essence" is?  Neither did I; that's why we need access to Asian beauty products!  This is called Luxe Eye Lash Essence and it comes from RiRe.  It's packaged like a mascara but it is actually colorless.  The formula is packed with nutrients that help to strengthen and lengthen lashes.  Why didn't we have a product like this in the U.S.?

This moisturizing skin cream from Yu-Be is the only familiar item to me in the box. The card says it is one of the best selling skin creams in Japan and I know I've received samples in several previous beauty boxes. Because of that, I don't think this product is too hard to find in the U.S.

Last out is Honey Bee's AC Control Spot Remover from Secret Key. This can be used on blemishes or problem areas to eliminate bacteria and heal irritated skin. Honey bee venom and propolis are ingredients known for their anti-bacterial properties.  (Who knew?)  I'm not sure but this looks like a full size tube.

So there you have The 3B Box.  Except for the poor external packaging, I am quite pleased with what I received.  With the tremendous R&D commitment by cosmetic companies in this country plus our domestic distribution capacity and massive retail engine, I think it's amazing that so many good beauty products are still mostly unavailable here.  That's the REAL beauty in an Asian beauty sub box!

If you'd like to try The 3B Beauty Box, click here and check it out!  (You may be placed on a wait list but if so, I don't think the wait is too long.)

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