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Ecocentric Mom August/September 2015 Review + $5 Discount Code!

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is a bi-monthly subscription service that sends boxes filled with eco-friendly products geared towards different stages of motherhood. The three types of boxes you can receive are Pregnancy, Mom and Baby or Mom.  You can switch between boxes whenever you want.  

The price structure for Ecocentric Mom is:

Monthly - $24 per month

Three boxes (6 Mos.) - $70
Six boxes (12 Mos.) - $139
Twelve boxes (24 Mos.) - $268

All plans automatically renew and shipping is free within the U.S. 

This review is for the Mom box.  Since this is my first review of this subscription, I'll do a full unboxing.  Everything arrived in a medium sized branded cardboard box with a pink heart on top.

The products were neatly wrapped in hot pink tissue paper sealed with a round heart sticker.

Here's a group shot of everything inside the box; clearly a nice variety!

The two-sided information card tells all about each item and gives a website reference in case you want to purchase more of a particular product. A few of the descriptions include custom discount codes which I'll pass along below.

There are three product specific cards.  One is for a website called which is a library of more than 1,800+ HD quality Pilates videos. Try it free for 30 days with coupon code ECOCENTRIC. A second card is for Tangerine Skies Facial Oil and a third flyer is for Elektra Magnesium Cream.

This cute little package contains a 20g sample of the Elektra Magnesium Cream in "Island Spice".  This is a natural moisturizer and anti-aging cream that can be used on both face and body.  There is also a sample of Magnesium Chloride Flakes which are good for one foot soak.

Kettle corn is ALWAYS welcome in my life! This lavender bag contains Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn from Angie's.  Haven't even opened this and I already want MORE!

This card has three packets of numbered spice blends from Ground 2 Table attached. These organic blended spices have no salt, sugar or GMO's.  The blends included are #1, an all purpose seasoning for use with chicken, fish, salads and dips.  There is a salad dressing recipe using this one on the back.  Blend #5 is Latin inspired and goes well with anything that calls for cilantro and red pepper flakes, such as the guacamole recipe provided. Spice blend #12 is a sweet mix of cinnamon and other spices.  They recommend just sprinkling this one directly on sliced apples.

This lovely Vance Family Soy Candle has an intense evergreen scent which is called "Home For the Holidays". It comes in a heavy reusable glass tumbler.  Really nice inclusion in this box! (In case you're not aware, it's easy to clean soy candle residue out of the container once the candle is burned; just use soap and water.)

This tiny little pot (much smaller than it looks below) contains Tangerine Skies Facial Oil from Earthwise Beauty.  This has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for skin rejuvenating, firming and brightening.  Use code ecomom715 for 20% off your next order at Earthwise Beauty.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a Square Hue nail polish subscriber.  I really like their products so was pleasantly surprised to find a Square Hue lacquer in this box.  I was even more surprised that it was a color I don't already have and a really pretty one at that!  The shade I received is called WPA; it's a cool seafoam green color (much more muted than it looks in the photo).  Through 9/30/15, you can get 50% off your first collection set at Square Hue with the code ECOCENTRICMOM.

The last item in this box is a small bottle of Branch to Nature Facial Astringent which cleanses, refreshes and revives the skin.  This is from their THYME collection which is for all skin types.  It has a pretty strong herbal (thyme?) smell.

I'm not sure what I expected from Ecocentric Mom but this box provided a good variety of items, almost all of which I can use.  The candle was the star of this group but I also really liked the Square Hue polish and the seasoning blends. And who can say "no" to kettle corn?  All in all, a very nice first box whose value easily exceeds $24!

If you'd like to try Ecocentric Mom, click here and use code ecolove2015 to get $5 off your first box. If you place your order before the 20th of the month, your first box will be shipped in the last week of the same month.  For orders placed on the 21st and later, the first box will be shipped in the last week of the following month.

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