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Prospurly September 2015 Review + 10% Discount Code for Life!

According to Merriam-Webster, Cambridge, the Oxford English Dictionary and the Free Dictionary, the word "prospurly" does not exist.  According to the folks at Prospurly, the definition is "a monthly treat for body and mind".  If you make up a word, I guess you are free to define it!  In this case, the monthly treats are small batch artisan goods curated around various fun themes.  Each month, they send about $80 worth of goods that may include edibles, bath and body products, gift items and other "luxurious essentials for rest and relaxation".     

At $49.95 a month, this is one of the more expensive boxes out there.  But discount codes are widely available that will get that price down to $44.95 a month for the duration of your subscription. (See end of post.) Boxes arrive around the 25th of each month. Prospurly ships via USPS Priority Mail.

It took about three weeks from the order date for my first Prospurly box to arrive. The big orange box weighed a satisfyingly hefty three pounds.

The theme of this box is "Breakfast in Bed" and there were seven items inside.

The information card introduces the theme on one side and tells about each product on the flip side.  They also provide retail values, which for this box add up to $82.40.  So far, so good.

At one pound, three ounces, the heaviest item in the box is a jar containing Apple with Cinnamon Whiskey Spread from Smashed! This apple butter jam seems like a great seasonal product and the card assures us it is non-alcoholic and "family friendly".  Retail $14.95

Next is a cute little tin box from The Tea Spot containing premium loose leaf organic Assam tea. This black tea is considered a morning tea and connoisseurs will appreciate that it comes from the Banaspaty Estate in India.  Retail $5.95

There are three greeting cards made from recycled brown kraft paper.  They have hand drawn abstract nature-inspired designs on the front and are blank inside. These come with matching envelopes.  Retail $7.50

There is a bookmark from an Etsy vendor called "Authorized Adornments". This custom designed limited edition bookmark is made of vintage silver and says (what else?) "Live well and prospur!" Retail $15

This cute little tin with its clear lid reveals what looks like an herbal seasoning mix. But it's actually intended for facial steaming.  This product is made by Safiya Botanicals and contains aromatic botanicals including calendula, chamomile, rose buds, rosemary and witch hazel. Add a bit to a bowl of boiling hot water, let it steep, then breathe in deeply. This is said to be quite relaxing, good for your skin and deeply satisfying.  Retail $10

Another little tin contains an all natural lip balm in "Pink Rose" from Humm House. The product is pink and has an odd almost chocolaty smell to it.  I generally prefer lip balms in tubes since they are less messy but this is cute and made from rich ingredients, so I'll give it a shot.  Retail $5.00

Last, but certainly not least, is a big 8 oz. container of Body Resurfacer by The Savvy Heart in "Espresso".  This exfoliates and invigorates your skin and stimulates cell regeneration.  This product has an intoxicating smell, just like a fresh cup of espresso! (I am sitting here inhaling...)  I am really looking forward to using this but I'm pretty sure that scrubs like this age/expire pretty quickly.  There is a LOT here that probably needs to be used up quickly. Challenge accepted!  Retail $24

This box contained an interesting assortment of products.  For me, the big winner is the Body Resurfacer, strictly based on the heavenly smell! The facial steam botanicals are also of interest to me.  I did think that some of the retail values were inflated, particularly the cards and the bookmark.  All of the products did a good job of meeting Prospurly's mission of providing treats for the body and mind.

The theme for Prospurly's October box is "The Harvest" and, as of the date of this post, they have only 45 spots left.  So, if you're interested, click here and use one of the codes SPRING, BREAKFAST, FOUNDER or SUMMER to get 10% off your subscription for life!

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