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Fun Amazon Find - 20 Pc. Breakfast Oatmeal Cereal Gift Box Bundle

Every once in a while I stumble across an interesting buy on-line.  As a full time e-commerce retailer, I am always on the lookout for unique marketing angles. This particular Amazon find is both a fun purchase and a great example of re-packaging for profit.  I won't bore you with details about the latter but the realities of selling on Amazon have created an explosion of bundling innovation. From the consumer perspective, this is a fun and useful assortment and the kind of product you're probably only going to find on Amazon.  So, what came in this box?

It's a fun assortment of individual oatmeal packets and snack mixes. There are many similar offerings on Amazon; the one I chose is linked above. For $27.50, you get 14 individual packets of oatmeal and 6 single serve packets of fruit and nut mixes. (Since I had some Rewards Points accumulated, this purchase actually cost me nothing. It really pays to get an Amazon credit card and charge all your biggest expenses to it. You'll be surprised at how fast those points accumulate!) 

Since I'm constantly assembling care packages for various nieces and nephews (plus I like to eat!), this pretty-much-healthy assortment was very appealing. Here's a quick rundown of what the box contained.  There were four packages of oatmeal from Nature's Path, one each in the flavors Maple Nut, Multigrain Raisin, Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry Cinnamon Flax.

There were two packages of organic dried fruit from Made in Nature.  The one on the left is Super Berry Infusion with cranberries, raisins, cherries, pepitas, blueberries and goji berries. The other one is Tropical Infusion with banana, pineapple, mango, coconut, ginger and cacao nibs.

There are three packages of gluten free oatmeal from Glutenfreeda (the name says it all, doesn't it!)  The flavors are Banana Maple with Flax, Apple Cinnamon with Flax and Maple Raisin with Flax.

There are two snack mix packages from a company called Eden.  One is a Wild Berry Mix containing blueberries, cranberries, raisins, almonds and various seeds.  The other is Dried Cranberries.  Although similar in calories, one of these has 8g of fat and the other has .5g. Bet you can guess which is which!

The most interesting oatmeal flavor (to me, anyway) is this package of Pumpkin Pecan with Vietnamese Cinnamon oatmeal from McCann's Artisan Collection.  This sounds wonderful and may be the one I end up stalking for a larger quantity.

I know that all of these products were most likely broken down from larger packages but the two that REALLY look like big box refugees are these from Country Choice. They are both multigrain oatmeal, one is Maple Spice and one is Cranberry Apple.

Here are two more snack packs from Eden.  One contains dry roasted pumpkin seeds and the other has a mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, raisins and cherries.  The latter is called "Quiet Moon".  These look good but both contain an enormous amount of fat (14g and 11g, respectively).

This colorful group comes from Bakery on Main, a name I haven't run across before. They have bakery-inspired flavors like Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Scone, Maple Multigrain Muffin and Carrot Cake.

What prompted this purchase was Amazon's unheard of deal on their Prime membership last week.  Normally, Prime is $99 but for one day only, it was $67.  As you probably know, Prime membership has many benefits but the most valuable one is undoubtedly the free shipping on Prime products.  I had tried Prime in the past but found that it wasn't really economical for book purchases, which is mostly what I bought. I quickly found that merchant fulfilled books are generally less expensive than the lowest cost Prime option.

But I know a deal when I see one and $67 was just too good to pass up.  So I'm now trying to expand my horizons beyond books and am looking for other items that will help justify the Prime cost.  The postage on this order alone probably amounted to at least $7 or $8; I'll relax when I've fully justified the membership fee....just $60 or so to go. (Anybody who thinks "Free Shipping" means you aren't paying for postage is in serious denial!)

Have you run across any fun or interesting Amazon deals?  If so, please let us know in the comments below!

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