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Pet Gift Box Review, September 2015 + 50% Discount on First Box!

You might want to stop reading right now if you don't like seeing photos of other people's pets. It just wouldn't be a proper (or fun) Pet Gift Box review without the assistance of my best friend Tucker! He takes this responsibility seriously and as a senior citizen, he has the experience and perspective needed to evaluate these products in a thoroughly professional manner.

Although Tucker thinks his snack capacity is unlimited, he is a little guy so I've had to cut back on the pet subscription boxes.  For the time being, we are receiving only Pet Gift Box which has consistently sent the best themed dog boxes with the most value. Little touches count and the fact that Tucker's name is hand written on a gift tag on the outside of the box never escapes my notice. Out of all the boxes pouring in our front door, somehow Tucker always knows this one is his!

"Hawaiian Lu-arf" is the theme for September's box which contains five fun tropical products.

My eyes went immediately to this colorful floral bandana since we've never received an item of doggie apparel before!  I love that it didn't annoy Tucker in any way; he was completely comfortable wearing it.  (The same cannot be said for his Halloween costume, which is an itchy bumblebee outfit!)

As you may have surmised, Tucker does NOT like to sit on hard surfaces.  He spends most of his non-running time parked on cushions or pillows of one type or another.

This big treat bag contains Cocotherapy Coconut Chips which are dehydrated organic coconut treats.  This is high in fiber and good for digestive health, a problem Tucker sometimes struggles with.

These were vacuum packed and had an odd appearance for a dog treat.  I was very skeptical that Tucker would accept these....boy, was I wrong.  I offered him a few and he gobbled them right up. A lot of this is quite powdered so I will sprinkle it over his regular food as well as use the bigger pieces for treats. I've been looking for something that he likes that would have the added benefit of calming his stomach and this just may be it.

Somehow, Pet Gift Box always finds a theme-appropriate toy; this month it's a tiki god rope toy from Aloha Dog Toys.  Although Tucker lives to chase things, this may be a bit too big for his mouth.  But I really like the rope handle and how that makes it interactive for the dog and their person.  We will give it a shot.

Tucker's other passion in life is chewing so this Ultra Chewy Passion Fruit Tropical Bone will probably be his favorite item in the box.  We will save this for an extra special treat.  (His nose and ears pointed in my direction as soon as I pulled this one out of the box.)

The fifth item is something we've never tried before. It's a small tub containing a dog smoothie in Pina Colada flavor from Cool Treats. Just freeze it, pull off the lid and give your pup a fun snack. Ice cream is probably Tucker's all time favorite dessert (he has a serious sweet tooth, just like his Mommy) and since I don't eat much of it, it's a rare treat for him.  I know he's going to love this!  By the way, it contains no sugar and is a low calorie/low fat treat.  Maybe I should try some too!

We couldn't be happier with this box.  It had a great pulled together theme and Tucker loved the snacks.  I like that they are all healthy and good for him and I particularly liked the floral bandana.  I also appreciated that his chasing and chewing needs were met in such fun ways.

Pet Gift Box costs $28.99 per month but you can get significant discounts with longer term subscriptions.  For dogs or cats, it's $23.99 per month for a three month term or $20.99 for six months.  The best deal is 12 months, which works out to just $18.99 per month, an absolute bargain for a box of this quality.

If you have a special pup in your life (and they are ALL special), do him or her a favor and check out Pet Gift Box.  Click here for 50% off your first box.  Your best friend deserves it!

Thanks for reading,

Cheryl and Tucker

"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished."
--Dean Koontz

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