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PijonBox (Female) College Subscription Review, September 2015 + $10 Discount Code!

It has been a long, long, LONG wait for my second PijonBox!  This is a college subscription service that suspends shipment over the summer so I knew there would be a lengthy wait involved when I signed up in the late Spring.  After the failure of Co-Ed Supply (another college subscription) to return after the summer of 2014, I was a little gun shy about college subscription services. But PijonBox has come roaring back this fall with a MUCH better box than the first one I received.

Of course, anybody can buy a PijonBox but the concept works particularly well for anyone who would like to send a regular care package to a college student. Boxes contain between $30 and $60 in retail value and you can choose whether you want it to be for a male, a female or gender neutral.  Boxes may include snacks, health and beauty items, household essentials and other fun gifts.  

A four month subscription to PijonBox costs $27 a month, billed in advance.  Eight months is $25 a month, billed in advance.  You can also pick a custom plan, specifying anywhere between one and sixteen months--you choose the exact delivery months.  The per box price gets lower as the number of months you choose gets longer.  

So, let's see what arrived in September's big blue box! 

The information card welcomes college students back and gives a little product information for each item in the box.

There is a big 13.5 oz. bottle of St. Ives Even & Bright Body Wash in Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange, a deliciously fruity and fresh scent.

Next are two Honey Stinger Caramel Waffles, honey-based energy snacks.  These are great when you set them on top of a hot drink and let them absorb the steam for a few minutes.

Then there is a good sized package of strawberry rhubarb strips from 6350' Natural Foods.  These contain 100% whole organic fruit (apples, strawberries, rhubarb and organic cane sugar) and come in several other flavors.  I thought the rhubarb might make these a little too tangy but they aren't at all.  Just a nice mild fruity (mostly strawberry) flavor. (And pretty much gone now, I might add!)

There are two Kutoa snack bars. "Kutoa" means "to give" in Swahili.  One of these is in the flavor "Chocolate Espresso Bean" and the other is "Peanut Butter & Jelly". They both contain chia and flax seed.  I scarfed down the chocolate one; it is a substantial snack with a strong espresso flavor that I really liked.

The techie item in this box is the Minisuit Selfie Stick.  Although I was born in a less self-aggrandizing generation, I can certainly see how appropriate this product is for a subscription box geared mainly towards college students. This is something I've never seen in another subscription box so PijonBox gets points for sourcing creativity.  Thankfully, selfies aren't my thing but I know just who should receive this!

That's everything in September's PijonBox.  I think they did a great job of putting it together and it's nice to see a few items I haven't received before.  I'm not sure of the exact total retail value but I believe it is reasonable for the price paid.

If you're interested in trying PijonBox, click here and use code media-deal to get $10 off any length subscription.  At the time of this review, there is also a Groupon deal where you can get 1 box for $19 or 1 semester (4 boxes) for $55.  Make yourself or your friendly neighborhood college kid very happy!

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