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Target Beauty Box (Back-to-College) Review, July 2015

Over the past year or so, Target seems to have been all over the place with regard to its Beauty Box. They are clearly experimenting and using it to test market new products and gain exposure for established brands.  They are charging so little for this box (sometimes $7 and sometimes $5) that the buyer is basically just paying the shipping and handling cost.  I strongly suspect the HBA vendors are contributing the product so the net cost to Target is probably little or nothing....a win/win/win situation!

For a while, it looked like Target intended these boxes to be quarterly or seasonal. Since there was a box in June, I wasn't expecting another one in July.  Then they came out with the "Back-to-College:  Head of the Class" box for a measly five bucks. (If you've "liked" my Facebook page, you got a heads up about that and hopefully got one of these boxes.)  I'm not complaining!  Target's Beauty Boxes are a great value and I'd like to see them make it a monthly thing.

Target's boxes have increased in size over the past year.  They started out with a branded white box.  That has now grown by about 25% to a larger sleeker black box. Although this isn't technically a subscription box, how often do you see boxes get bigger?

The box was packed full of familiar brands and some of their newer products.  There are five full size products and two that I think are luxury sample or travel sizes.

There is a minimal information card that includes a coupon for $3.00 that can be used in store or on-line.

First is a 2.8 oz. spray bottle of Dry Oil Spray from Herbal Essences new "Wild Naturals" line. This is a shine booster that is said to leave your hair glossy and radiant.  (Full size, $5.99)

Next is a 2-in-1 pumice stone from The Bathery.  This has two textures (the blue oval is the finer one) and can be used anywhere on your body for smoothing and refining rough skin. (Full size, $1.99)

This beautiful Colorlicious lip gloss from Covergirl is in shade #630, "Give Me Guava" which is a very pretty and shimmery pink that will make a great "go to" color for almost everyone. This, by itself, is worth the entire cost of the box as far as I'm concerned. (Full size, $5.99)

There are three Goody hair elastics in teal, purple and fuchsia.  These are "ouchless" because they are made without any metals.   (Sample size, est. $1.00)

This huge metallic fuchsia Max Volume Plus mascara is from Wet 'n Wild.  This is in the shade "Amp'd Black" and is supposed to strengthen lashes and give them 10 times their volume. I'm a little scared of this one! (Full size, $4.99)

This little package of Hollywood fashion tape contains several strips of clear double-sided tape that can be used to close blouse gaps, hide straps, secure necklines, repair or adjust hems, etc. Why have I never owned these before? (Sample size, est. $1.48)

The last item is my favorite, a package of 10 travel towelettes from Yes to Cucumbers.  I really like all the "Yes to ....." products that I've tried and facial towelettes are especially useful.  These are made with soothing aloe vera and are good for cleansing, removing makeup and nourishing skin.  (Full size, $2.99)

If you include the $3.00 coupon, the value of this box is about $27.43, not bad at all for just $5.00! Whatever the marketing rationale, this was another terrific box that contained several new products. I may be in the minority but I really like the fact that these are all mainstream items with nothing so "out there" that I'm not likely to ever actually use it.  

So far, Target has not turned the Beauty Box into a subscription box.  That means you have to stalk the site if you want one....they don't come automatically. Although the boxes do sell out quickly, I haven't had any problem snagging one. There is no telling when the next box will be available but I'm guessing it will be fall oriented. Keep an eye on my Facebook page or watch Target's site if you are interested.  This may not be the most exciting box out there but it is one of the best value boxes.

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