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Jouer Le Matchbox Review, Summer 2015

Thanks to Birchbox and maybe a couple of other beauty subscriptions, I've had the chance to try a few Jouer cosmetic samples.  Typically, they are beautiful products that are elegantly packaged.  Based on the items I've tried (admittedly limited), I'd put Jouer on a par with the best department store brands...with the price to match. Since I have been intrigued by this brand but didn't have enough knowledge to jump in without a net, I was glad to hear that they've recently made a quarterly subscription box available.

Jouer's Le Matchbox is a customized box containing products matched to your skin tone and type, based on a quiz taken during sign up.  The boxes are shipped quarterly but you can skip any time you want.  The products are mostly full sized and you also get insider savings on their other products.  With a subscription, the cost of the quarterly box is $45.  You can also purchase just one box for $65.00.  

It took one month from the order date for my first box to arrive. Not surprisingly, Jouer sends an elegant gift-quality pale pink box embossed with their name in gold. What did surprise me was that the box and its lid were lined with a very plush velvet-like material.

Le Matchbox contained four full size Jouer products, one luxury sample and an information booklet. All of the full size products were packaged in pale pink gold embossed boxes.

The color booklet features one of the products on each page with a description, application tips and full size retail price.

Notice in the photos below that several of the product cases have odd little tabs and slots on them.  These items are made to interlock with each other so you can create a thoroughly customized palette.  This is an interesting concept that I haven't seen with any other cosmetic company.  I get it but all those little exterior bits and pieces really detract from what would otherwise be very sleek packaging.  I'm not convinced that all my products need to be stuck together!  You be the judge.....

The first item is Jouer's Mineral Powder Bronzer.  This is a lightweight pressed powder containing a lot of good-for-you ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins.  It also contains Japanese Green Tea powder....huh?  This is in a shade called "Suntan" which looks a bit dark for me but I know you can buff out a quality bronzer to pretty much whatever you need. This comes in a long rectangular case with a full length mirror in the lid. (Retail $30)

Next is a Lip Sheer with SPF 15.  This is a Barbie pink shade called "Tulum", not the best color for me but definitely pretty.  This is loaded with all sorts of emollients and sun protection; just wish I'd received a more wearable (for me) color.  (Retail $24)

Eyeshadow is not my thing but I don't remember any way to opt out of receiving it in the initial quiz.  This is a creme eyeshadow in a very versatile and slightly shimmery taupey brown shade called "Organza".  This is a very natural looking color, quite velvety and lightweight. The retail price for a full size single seems extremely high to me. (Retail $22)

I am baffled by the Everyday Effortless Mascara.  Despite all my efforts, threats and use of force, it took me forever to figure out how to open this thing.  Turns out you have to unscrew the base...and mine was stuck tight. That leaves only half an inch of handle which makes the wand extremely difficult to control.  I'm sure I'll have to clean mascara off my fingers every time I use this.  What were they thinking?  Aside from the questionable packaging, this mascara has a Vitamin E rich formula and I like the full shape of the brush.  It's also the first sub box mascara I've EVER received that is not is brown...blondes rejoice!  (Retail $24)


This little package is actually a deluxe sample size of Jouer's lip and cheek tint.  This is a creme product intended for fingertip application and once again, is full of things that are good for your skin.  The color I received is called "Petal"; a very blendable and wearable melon pink.  I like this product; just wish it were full sized!  (Full size retail $22)

So, the retail value of this box (not counting the sample) is right at $100, a little more than double what it cost.  These are lovely products that are good for your skin; I believe they all contain sun protection and some form of hydration.  The packaging of Le Matchbox overall is stunning but I'm not sold on the interlocking cases.  

I believe the Summer box is sold out but if you're interested, be sure to sign up for Jouer's newsletter so you'll be the first to know when the Fall box is available.  (I'm guessing that will be in September.)  Unfortunately, Jouer does not seem to be generous with discounts.  If you know of any, please let me know and I'll update this post.

Oh by the way, "jouer" is the French verb for "to play".  Let the games begin!


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