Thursday, July 23, 2015

Amor Naturals Soap Box Review, Summer 2015 + FREE Shipping & 15% Discount Codes

Of all the subscription genres, the bath and body boxes are my favorite. The decadent nature of the product means the quantities you get are small but there's no denying the absolute charm contained in these little boxes of heaven. Amor Naturals is a quarterly service that sends 5 or 6 sample sized organic and natural handmade goodies.  Cost is $19.99 per box plus $4.99 shipping.  

For the Summer Soap Box, Amor Naturals decided to embrace the clean ocean movement with a mermaid theme.  All of the products in this box were created with sustainable materials and come in recyclable packaging.  They also donated a percentage of each box sold to The Ocean Conservancy for conservation and clean-up efforts.

There are two cards in the box, one that gives all the product information and one that details the ocean conservation mission of this box.

This "Blue Lagoon Bath Bomb" is the most beautiful pale blue color.  It's also falling apart in its package but that's what bath bombs are designed to do.  This one contains coconut milk, organic cocoa butter, dry seaweed and peppermint.  It has a very soothing coconut and peppermint scent.

The "Cucumber Lime Face Mist" is a refreshing spray containing lime and cucumber water with cooling peppermint, aloe and seaweed extract.  This is meant to be sprayed on the face to help repair sun damage.  The card suggests refrigerating it before use.  If there were a beach anywhere near me, I'd definitely have this in my tote bag!

This little pot contains "Coconut Mint Foot Balm".  It smells very much like the bath bomb and contains shea butter, tea tree oil and cooling menthol.  This is massaged into the feet to relieve soreness and dryness.  Sounds like it's also good for calves to improve circulation. Since I've had a touch of plantar's fasciitis lately, I think this might feel really good in the mornings.

This spray bottle contains "Mermaid Hair Sea Salt Hydrating Spray".  I'm a little suspicious of this one since sea salt hair products usually mean roughing up your hair for added texture, which my hair sure doesn't need.  However, the card says this one is for shine and softness so I may relent and give it a try.  The scent is coconut and orange blossom, both of which I like, but my nose recoiled a bit at the first sniff.  So, I'll proceed with caution.

The last item is a small container of "Exfoliating Mermaid Mask".  This is made of sea clay (for detoxification), seaweed extract (repairs skin) and grain exfoliants. Massage it in, leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse off. The directions say it can be used on the face or body but with such a small amount, I will confine it to my face.

I really loved the theme of this box; it's perfect for summer and lends itself to the coconut and peppermint scents found in most of the products. For me, the two most useful items are the face mask and the foot balm.  The bath bomb is pure luxury; I can't wait to try that.  I'm less excited about the sea salt hair spray and the facial mist but hey...keeping an open mind is what subscription boxes are all about!

Amor Naturals has an on-line shop where they sell individual products.  Use code MERMAID for 15% off in their store.  (At the moment, I only see three products but hopefully, they will fill out their shelves soon.)  For the Soap Box, new subscribers can use code FREESHIP15 to get free shipping.

The Amor Naturals Soap Box is a bit of a splurge but if you try it, be prepared for a really nice experience!


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