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Happy Socks Review, June 2015 + 35% Discount Code!

Although I didn't plan it this way, the Fourth of July seems like a great time to review Happy Socks!  It was actually some of their newly released patriotic designs that inspired my most recent purchase.  Happy Socks got its start in Sweden in 2008 with a mission to turn an everyday clothing essential into a colorful design piece.  Their creative patterns combined with top quality construction are now sold in more than 70 countries.

Happy Socks is not a subscription company.  They sell socks and underwear for men and women and socks for children and infants.  I noticed that a lot of the adult socks are unisex but they are divided up for men and women on the site.  Happy Socks are not cheap; they usually are $12 or $14 per pair.  However, they do have a lot of sales and promotions and it pays to keep an eye on the site for markdowns. (Keep reading!)  

A recent 35% discount promotion got my attention since it brought the average price per pair of socks down to $6.80, a price I could live with.  (That included shipping.) Within just a few days of clicking "Place Order", this bright green polka dot bag arrived.

My version of Fourth of July fireworks was inside!

These socks are SO colorful and creative; they really deserve individual attention.  The red, white and blue socks on the right were the ones that set this order in motion; they go with every casual outfit I own and are just beyond cute...truly "happy" socks! The other pair is a mosaic pattern in shades of tan, brown, yellow, pink, green and aqua.  Both of these pairs are labeled as the same size but there is an obvious difference.  I'm wondering if one of them is actually a men's size?

How cute are these multi-color pencil socks?  I love the whimsy and fun colors in these.  The second pair is a quintessential Fourth of July pattern, an homage to the flag for your feet! All of these socks are nice and stretchy and made of combed cotton.

Happy Socks has several sock designs (like the gray pair on the left) that are described as "kurbits".  Having no clue what that word meant, I checked it out on Wikipedia.  The word is a reference to a symbol of fertility used in Swedish folk art. Aha!  That's why it was familiar to me; I have seen similar designs on other Swedish-made items.  The other pair is a really pretty and versatile argyle in shades of black and gray and pastel blue, pink, yellow and green.

This last pair of socks just may be my favorite with its wide bright stripes in primary colors. How could you feel anything BUT happy when putting these on?  These are clearly suitable for days you just need to be noticed!

There was a little brochure in the package that opened up to tell about the company and its founders on one side and show a few of their styles for men and women on the other side.

It's easy to understand the explosive growth of Happy Socks in the past few years. They have really revolutionized the way we think about socks and brought a whole new design ethos to the making and marketing of socks.  Judging from all the competitors that have recently sprung up in this category, it's clear that Happy Socks tapped into something we didn't even know we wanted!  

If you're interested in fun socks, I strongly recommend signing up for their newsletter (after you click, scroll down to  bottom of page) so you'll be the first to know when the deals are available.  For right now, the code HAPPYVIP will get a 35% discount on your order.  Happy Socks also offers free shipping for orders over $45.  For an even bigger discount, be sure to check their outlet page where discontinued socks are available at discounted prices. There are also outlet pages for men and kids.

As I mentioned above, the current discount promotion is one of the best I've seen for Happy Socks so if you're interested, now is the time to order!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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