Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Review, June 2015 + 25% Discount!

When it comes to the fragrance counter, I'm guessing most of us have noses that are much bigger than our wallets.  Some ladies like to have a signature scent; for them, cost is not nearly as big an issue as it is for those who crave more variety and access to the latest fragrances.  Unless you have the luxury of an unlimited budget, the outrageous cost of designer perfumes is daunting, not to mention the risk of getting bored and stuck with an almost full bottle. With the constant barrage of beautiful fragrance advertising, how can you maintain a good variety of up-to-date fragrances without going bankrupt?  

One solution is Scentbird, a monthly service that offers a wide array (350+) of 100% authentic designer fragrances for $14.95 a month. When signing up for Scentbird, there is a quiz where you can indicate various choices that will help them make suggestions.  You can choose from those to populate your queue or choose from their entire range.  You can also re-take the quiz at any point.  I wasn't surprised that the results of my quiz led to a lot of fruity floral scents but I plan to venture beyond those with some out of the box (for me) choices as well.

You can set up your queue with the perfumes you want to try or have them send you a Perfume of the Month, inspired by a "scent muse". Each month, Scentbird sends the fragrance at the head of your queue in the form of an 8ml purse spray. This contains enough perfume to apply twice a day for an entire month. My first shipment from Scentbird arrived in a small black bubble mailer.  

Inside was a branded black velvet drawstring case containing a sleek black case.

A card describes how to use the spray dispenser.  It's very easy but not completely intuitive. When you twist the case, the spray pops up.  When it's time to replace the spray, you can just pull it out and put in a new one.

The black case only comes with the first shipment.  After that, you replace the sprays as you receive them.  You can purchase extra cases on their site for $12.95 if you'd rather keep your fragrances in them.  At the moment, the cases are available only in black and a Limited Edition pink.

The purse spray is about the size of a typical Rollerball.  They are clearly labeled so you can identify them if you don't use all of the spray. (I'll never use up all of one of these in a month so that's important to me.)  For my first perfume, I greedily went straight for the top with Dior's Miss Dior Le Parfum. A 1.4 oz. bottle of this stuff retails for $92 so it was definitely one I would never have tried otherwise. This has a very complex scent description; suffice it to say the top note is mandarin orange, the middle note is rose and the bottom note is patchouli. Exquisite...what else do you expect from Dior?  

Next up in my queue is a completely different kind of scent, Donna Karan's Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.  I've been wanting to try a fragrance in that line for a long time so am looking forward to it, BUT....this card arrived with the June shipment describing next month's default scent. The Perfume of the Month for July is Coach Poppy, another floral and citrus blend I'd really like to try.  Right now, it's in the September spot in my queue but I may move it up so I can try it sooner. Such decisions! 

If you're interested in trying Scentbird, click here for a 25% discount.  If you pre-pay for a longer term subscription, you can get an even lower effective monthly price:

Three months - $43.50 ($14.50/mo.)
Six months - $84.00 ($14/mo.)
Twelve months - $164.00 (13.50/mo.)

Although the nature of this product makes it hard to describe, I am excited about Scentbird. As one who almost never commits to a whole bottle of cologne or perfume, this is a real opportunity to widen my horizons.  I signed up initially via a three month Ruelala deal but I can already see the benefits of committing to a longer term.  The price is reasonable and access to all these designer fragrances is....well.....intoxicating!


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